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Custom Birthday T-Shirts from Spreadshirt

Celebrate your birthday with custom birthday t-shirts from Spreadshirt. No matter the birthday tradition or custom, your custom birthday t-shirts will certainly liven up the party.

Customize your birthday celebration with Spreadshirt’s easy to use T-Shirt Maker. You can choose from pre-made designs in our Marketplace or create your own products and designs by adding your own text, picture, or image to your custom birthday t-shirts. Take your celebration a step further and sell your personalized birthday t-shirts with our free T-Shirt Shop, and make your custom clothing party last all year.

International Birthday Traditions

Wearing custom birthday t-shirts are only the first step in celebrating your birthday worldwide. It was thought that evil spirits were attracted to a person on his or her birthday or Halloween, so many cultures developed customs to protect against them. Here are a couple of international birthday traditions you can use along with your personalized birthday t-shirts.

Argentina: it is customary to pull on the birthday child’s earlobes. Instead of simply wearing custom birthday t-shirts and eating cake, the child endures an earlobe tug for each year they have been alive.

Ecuador: rather than putting on personalized birthday t-shirts, the father of the birthday girl puts on his daughter’s first pair of high-heeled shoes and waltzes with her and 14 others.

Ireland: custom birthday t-shirts are no match for the Irish tradition of hoisting the birthday child upside down and bumping their head on the ground. Personalized birthday t-shirts is much more civilized.

India: a baby’s first birthday is met not with custom birthday t-shirts or bibs but with a shaven head to symbolize the soul’s renewal.

Japan: the birthday child wears new custom clothing that includes more traditional Japanese garb. Custom birthday t-shirts are worn to mark more important birthday years.

Custom Birthday Traditions with Spreadshirt

Whether it’s eating cake and blowing out candles or opening presents, birthdays are great times to wear your custom birthday t-shirts, tank top, or other apparel from Spreadshirt. Your custom birthday t-shirts are guaranteed to be the highest quality printing so that your personalized birthday t-shirts won’t fade with the first wash. With Spreadshirt we also guarantee no minimums and fast delivery, so you can start wearing your custom birthday t-shirts now.

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