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Classic Value-T

Classic cut t-shirt out of 100% cotton and a light 155 g/m². The classic with an extremely good price/value ratio.

Measure A (inch) 26.8 28.0 28.7 29.5 30.7
Measure B (inch) 19.7 21.3 22.0 23.2 24.0

Custom Laptop Cases from Spreadshirt

Buying a custom laptop sleeve from Spreadshirt is a necessary first line of defense in the fight against dust, scratches, and clumsiness. Combine your personal laptop case with our wide variety of bags and truly win the day.

Spreadshirt’s custom laptop cases are great for laptops, netbooks, and iPads. With our easy-to-use T-Shirt Designer, you can add custom designs, text, and images to you personalized laptop sleeve and not only protect your laptop or iPhone against the elements but against boredom.

Custom Laptop Cases Public Enemy Number 3: Dust

The personalized laptop sleeve has many enemies, but none more natural than its nemesis, dust. If left untreated, dust particles can settle in the ball bearings of the laptop’s fan and cause overheating and hardware failure. Luckily, a personalized laptop sleeve or iPhone case from Spreadshirt can counteract these deadly effects and protect your laptop, netbook, or iPhone.

Custom Laptop Sleeve Public Enemy Number 2: Clumsiness

Unfortunately, the custom laptop case also battles against clumsiness. We’ve all seen it before; the accidental scratches, drops, and nicks your laptop, netbook, or iPad experience. Fortunately, the personalized laptop sleeve from Spreadshirt is designed to protect your prized possession with a padded interior and neoprene exterior. That way, you know your custom laptop bag or iPad case is flexible and durable enough to fight off accidents.

Custom Laptop Case Public Enemy Number 1: Boring Designs

A custom laptop case or laptop bag doesn’t just fight against dust and clumsiness, it wrestles against unoriginality. This might be the most dangerous enemy of all. It’s a crime to use a boring laptop case or iPad bag when you have access to tons of designs in Spreadshirt’s Marketplace. Your personalized laptop sleeve needs to stand out. Run of the mill netbook sleeves just don’t cut it anymore.

Defeat Public Enemies with Custom Laptop Cases

You'll need more than just an awesome custom laptop sleeve to defeat these potentially harmful public enemies to your computer, iPhone, or tablet. You'll need to get creative. Creative with your designs. Because it's not just about the dust, it's about distinguishing your brand from everyone else.

Custom laptop cases from Spreadshirt have a large printing area available for you to place a design from our Marketplace or one of your own. And the T-Shirt Maker is super easy to navigate. It provides you with a step by step process for selecting a product, choosing a design, adding text, and changing the color. These custom laptop sleeves can truly be personalized to your specifications.

Crime Fighting and the Spreadshirt Difference

You can use your custom laptop bag on the go, whether that’s to the office, campus, or trendy café. With Spreadshirt’s fast delivery, high quality printing technology, and excellent customer service you can start fighting crime now. Design your custom laptop cases and iPad cases and help shape a brighter future.

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