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Advertise with Google & Co. with relevant search words and improve your shop's success. In less than 15 minutes, you can start reaching new customers!

Our Tip:

Select search terms that are directly related to the theme of your shop, as well as any other brands or design names. No one else can advertise with your copyright protected brand name, or advertise when this word is searched. You pay a minimum click price of $0.05 and reach customers when they are most likely to buy your product.

Using Google advertising pays off and you earn extra money!


You order 100 clicks at 5 cents a click, for a total advertising cost of $5. You can estimate an average conversion rate (how many shirts are sold as a result of the advertising) of 2-4%. For 100 clicks, that equals 2-4 sales. If every shirt you sell has a commission of $5, you can project earning $10-20. After paying off your advertising costs, you have a total earning of $5-15.


Pay attention to your conversion rates! Try it out for yourself.

GoogleGoogle Adwords offers the most traffic and the lowest minimum click price.




In addition to Google, there are two other main players in the keyword market: Yahoo! Search Marketing ( and miva ( These programs have less traffic, but that means that many more keywords may be cheaper.

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