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Earning money with Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt offers you two ways to earn money:

1. Sell Designs

You create designs, upload them and then publish them to our platform. You can set a commission for every design, which is credited to your account each time that design is sold. The maximum commission is $20 - but the most successful designers usually set a commission of $1.50 - $2.00. Spreadshirt always pays the earned commission at the end of each quarter.

Designs can be sold in three different channels:

  • T-Shirt Designer: Customers use your designs to create their own shirts and other apparel, which they can then purchase. You must always upload and publish a design for it to appear in the designer.
  • Marketplace: You create finished products with your design and then add them to the Spreadshirt Marketplace, where they can be purchased by our customers. How it works
  • Spreadshirt Shops: If you have uploaded and published a design, it also appears in the Design Gallery. Other Spreadshirt Shop Partners can use these designs to create their own products and sell them in their shops. They can add an extra commission to these products and both of you earn your commissions for each sale.

You always retain the rights to your designs and earn the commission you set for each sale, regardless of whether it is in the T-Shirt Designer, Marketplace or a Spreadshirt Shop.

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Our help section has questions and answers about Designs and Products and Vector and Pixel Graphics.

2. Open a T-Shirt Shop

Opening a Shop is totally easy: it only takes 5 simple steps and it's online. In your Spreadshirt Shop you personalize products from Spreadshirt's product range with your own designs or those from the community (from the Design Gallery) and offer them for sale. Your advantages:

  • A Spreadshirt Shop is completely free
  • You earn commission you've set on every product sold
  • We take care of the organisational stuff: order processing, payment, production, inventory, shipping, and customer service
  • Your shop can be easily tied in with your own website.

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Tips, tricks and videos about shop layout, designs and marketing can be found on our Spreaducation Pages.

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