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Uploading designs is easy with our simple guidelines. To find out how it is done, as well as what legal requirements and product considerations you should know, please click here.

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Printing Techniques

We offer Flex, Flock, and Digital Direct printing techniques for reproducing your design in high quality on a variety of apparel items. What is the best printing technique for your design? Click here for an overview of our printing techniques.

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Check out our top Marketplace designs to get inspired and start creating:

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Submit your designs and earn cash every time an item with your design is sold.

It’s simple:

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Do you know about laFraise?

You can also submit your designs to laFraise, a popular T-shirt design competition gaining recognition in the T-shirt design community around the world. Each week, designers enter their creations in weekly design competitions, and the community votes for their favorite designs. The winning designs are then printed in
limited editions of 500 shirts and sold.

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