Shop Partner Stories

Shop Partner Stories is a collection of testimonials from Spreadshirt partners answering three of the most important questions about their t-shirt shop.

  • How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?
  • What is your target group?
  • How do you market your shop?

How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

I was always big into clothes and always had ideas running around in my head about how I would design my own t-shirts. Since I also work as a media designer, the thought came easily to open my own shirt shop with which I could make my ideas reality. I also really like the idea that people are running around wearing my clothes.

What is your target group?

They tell me that girls tend to by more of my shirts than guys, which isn’t much of a surprise. I think that they buy from me because they have simply fallen in love with one of my designs. :-)

How do you market your shop?

I send out newsletters with the newest Design / Tee of Sale. Every new design which is added to cute monstR starts off at a low entry price, until this slot is taken over by a newer deisgn – that is what I call the “Tee of Sale” :-) Other than that: I “distribute” stickers, use social networks, word-of-mouth, wear my own shirts, etc...

How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

Our t-shirt shop is a part of our internet fanzine Our online magazine grew very quickly and eventually the question was asked how we were going to cover the costs of our hobby. “Professionalizing” our site with ad banners was out of the question for us because we wanted to remain as independent as possible. Therefore there was really only one way of earning money which would also be useful for our users. Ideally with as little investment of time and money as possible and a service which took care of the logistics and order process – Spreadshirt showed up at the right time. We could offer our users shirts which were not available in any fan shop and with them earned enough money to cover our costs and even make some investment in our main project. We never set a priority to earn a lot of money with our site, but rather invest all of the income into the upkeep and development of

What is your target group?

Our target group is clearly the readers of, so that’s why we focus on shirt designs which center around the BVB and the city of Dortmund. We make sure that our shirts clearly separate themselves from articles that can be found in official fan shops. The typical customer doesn’t only wear our shirts on game days, but also during the week.

How do you market your shop?

Our shop is integrated in our website. We present a shirt on the homepage and from time to time we put new designs in our forum. In addition, appears every so often in print where we also advertise for our shirt shop. With an average of 25,000 visitors per day on our site and a print run of 10,000 for our newspaper, both of those methods do the trick.

What inspired or motivated you to open a shop and how did you learn about Spreadshirt?

I already had the idea to put my designs onto t-shirts for 2 years but didn’t know how I could do this. Once I had heard of the company, I immediately googled ‘Spreadshirt’ when I got home and the world of t-shirt making opened for me. For the next 3 months I sat at my Mac and worked on my Spreadshirt shop. My t-shirt adventure had finally started.

Where and how do you market your shop and make it well-known?

Mostly on the Dutch Hyves. My best buddy Jeroen and I take new photos and post them on the site, of course branded with the name and website. I also use Google Adwords in the summer and in November/December and sponsor a radio DJ - he posts the new shirts on his blog.

Who do you think your customers are?

I aim for the target group boys and girls between 15 and 25 years old. I think that I’m doing a pretty good job with them.

How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

The idea was to finally offer a modern, colorful and customized clothing line for all fans of Icelandic horses.

What is your target group?

My target group is all friends of the Icelandic horse, both for recreational and tournament riders.

How do you market your shop?

I market my shop by sponsoring the youth in this sport and by advertising in forums.

At first I just wanted to design and order a few designs and products for my sister and me. After a quick search with Google, I landed at Spreadshirt and looked through the homepage. I found the idea of opening my own shop really great (but, my first intentions were only to have some fun with it). Eventually my first order arrived with my design and everyone at the stables asked me about it. That’s how I got my first order from a “stranger”. I put a little work into the designs and the homepage and they started looking really good. My shop became a place for all lovers of the Icelandic horse (both recreational and tournament riders), but also for horse fans in general.

I advertised my shop in forums and I also know a lot of people who are interested in Icelandic horses. I also provided shirts for the Austrian team at the FYC in 2008 (something like the youth world cup) and for the past two years I have provided shirts/sweaters as prizes for the SIV Cup (a cup for the Salzburg Icelandic Horse Organization). My sister and my best friend (both very successful in tournaments) wear the sweaters and shirts when they are at the tournaments as advertisement

Where did you get the idea to open a shop?

I always had a dream of creating and selling my own t-shirts. I have loved shirts since I was a kid. Originally I wanted to open a shop with a friend of mine, but we didn’t really have the same vision. Then I discovered Spreadshirt and took a closer look at the platform. After a short test period it was clear that this professional partner could make my ideas possible. I started learning how to use a design program and created the first design.

What is your target group?

Rural youth, rural women, farmers, young farmers, equestrians and horse fans, beekeepers, nature lovers, organic farmers, hunters, hobby gardeners and students of agriculture and forestry.

How do you market your shop?

In forums, on sites for rural youth, with clubs, advertisements, competitions in an agriculture newspaper, online advertisements, announcements on online marketplaces. I am also planning to do press releases.

How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

About three years ago a popular news magazine had an article about new business models, one of which was Spreadshirt. And since I had just started as a freelance graphic artist and didn’t want to twiddle my thumbs waiting for customers, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to try it out.

What is your target group?

Ohh, if I could define that, I would have had the shop in Google under the top 10 for that target group long ago. But, probably it’s marketed towards underdogs, stereozacs, poneys, sodasonars, superlovers, electrosonics, tocomaniacs, subbotnik, greeds and supermodels.

How do you market your shop?

Currently nothing at all. About a year or two ago a few publishers and online magazines were looking to write about my t-shirts. I was in in the Page and in Spoonfork. That’s about it, though.


How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

It was always a pain to make shirts myself. Then a fellow DJ came to me with the idea that I should open a Man Rec shop with Spreadshirt and since then I no longer have the t-shirt production hassle.

What is your target group?

The fans of my label, Man Recordings – people between 15 and 40.

How do you market your shop?

I link it from my blog and my MySpace and Facebook profiles.

How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

Our viewer’s inquiries into fan-merchandise from their favorite shows led us to look into a meaningful shop model. Our next step was to have shirts made for us at our own expense, which unfortunately led to leftover stock of unsold shirts. Even the ordering process was complicated. We then were convinced by Spreadshirt that an on-demand production removes the risks and costs we encountered, that it allowed us flexibility and speed when testing new products and that Spreadshirt would take care of the order process in a quick, reliable and customer-oriented manner.

What is your target group?

Our target group is made up of all Vox TV viewers, but also specifically fans of specific shows on Vox who are looking for merchandise for their favorite shows.

How do you market your shop?

We created an extra tv commercial which showed the variety of products in our Spreadshirt partner shop and we regularly aired it over the year on Vox to guarantee high coverage. We also add new products for our shows to our homepage and link them to our shop.


How did you start your shop?

Once upon a time I decided it would be a fun project to teach myself to silkscreen, that way I could just make my own shirts as one-offs and have a totally unique wardrobe.

I did a new batch of shirts once every nine months or so, but as it turned out I was pretty terrible at it. So when the time came around to do another batch I decided to look into the online printers I had heard about. All I wanted was a single shirt depicting a design of my own creation (printed competently) and suddenly there were services out there specializing in just that, hoo ray!
So I signed up with Spreadshirt, vectored up a few designs and prepared to place my order.

What is your experience using a t-shirt fulfillment service? If you had to start again would you do screen printing instead?

I love working with Spreadshirt. There is no way in hell I’d do it silkscreen if I had to do it over again. I want to do the fun part: designing shirts, building websites the creative stuff! I don’t want to have to deal with the boring stuff: billing, shipping, managing inventory and all that noise. But most importantly it leaves me with basically zero overhead and that zero overhead gives me absolute freedom to experiment.

I can make a new design and bring it to market and it doesn’t cost me a penny. If I was silkscreening I’d have to thrown money down up front to make the screens and to print my first batch. That means I’d have to be sure the design would sell, or else I risk losing my shirt. With Spreadshirt I’m free to just try things out, anything that pops into my head is fair game. The only rule is that it has to amuse me, if it does that then we are good to go. Even if it is a joke that only myself and probably two other people in the world might find funny then so be it, I’ll roll with it. If something doesn’t stick no worries. I guarantee you I wouldn’t be in this business today without that flexibility to experiment freely and find what really seems to work for me.


How did you get the idea to open a t-shirt shop?

We are a small communications and design agency. On the one hand our interest in communication stems from the fact that it is very closely related to advertising, corporate design, as well as apparel, as it is of course a form of communication. On the other hand apparel is a great way for graphic artist to freestyle, to let his/her abilities find their way on products which might not fit "the standard". We always had the idea in our head to bring designs for shirts and other accessories to the market. Spreadshirt made that possible without us having to take any risks.


What is your target group?

Our target group is any kid, big or small - or even the inner child within the adult. Anyone who feels like a "Rockin' Beast" and wants to walk through life as one. It would be really great if Brangelina's soccer team were completely outfitted with the Rockin' Beastz.

How do you market your shop?

We use all methods available in Web 2.0 to get our message out. We have a MySpace page and groups, quizzes on Facebook and we Twitter our message out to the world. We are planning to put together short films on YouTube as well as putting together some online banners. We started our marketing plan by printing endless amounts of post cards which showed different situations with the Rockin' Beastz. We then had them distributed in Berlin, Vienna and Switzerland. In addition, our t-shirt-wearing friends are also quite the handsome walking advertisements.

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