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Discover what’s hot and trending in the Spreadshirt Marketplace as well as the latest from all over the Internet. Whether you're looking for popular memes or current events, our Marketplace is the place to grab these hot topics. We have all the trending hot designs ready for you to customize. Stay up to date on the latest trends and spot what hot topics people are talking about right here. Check out these top performing trending designs below!

Back to Back World War Champs

The United States won back to back world wars in 1918 and 1945, defeating Germany and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire during World War I and Germany and Japan during World War II. This hot topic t-shirt celebrates those victories and can be proudly worn during the Fourth of July celebrations. Show your national pride with this back to back world war champs hot topic t-shirt. Hopefully, the US won't ever need to go for a three-peat.


It's that time of year again. Dust off the nutcrackers, the tree ornaments, and the yule log. Whether you like the traditional Santa and sleigh designs, the ugly sweaters with reindeer cross-stitching, or some Christmas movie inspired t-shirt designs, there's room enough for everyone at the table.


'Merica is a trending meme used to convey a sense of extreme patriotism and usually combined with elements of "redneck" stereotypes. This hot topic is also used to sarcastically make fun of typical American stereotypes or political views. 'Merica t-shirt designs often include insane amounts of fried food, guns, and obsurd political claims. So grab a slice of corn dog pizza and get ready to speak 'Merican at the neighborhood gun rally.


A popular dance move involving twisting, jerking, and footwork, "twerking" has rose to prominence on the dance floor and has since lead to YouTube channels solely devoted to the dance move. Miley Cyrus asked her fans to upload their best twerking video to be used in one of her hit singles. Twerking has not been met without some controversy amoung students, which has only cause this hot topic to become even trendier.

Star Spangled Hammered

It's time to get star spangled hammered, a trending topic for this year's Fourth of July celebration and a spin-off of another hot topic, 'Merica. This hot topic is a variation of the United States national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," and celebrates one of 'Merica's favorite pastime: drinking. It's even more patriotic if it's on Independence Day. Here's to you, 'Merica!

More Hot Topics

Still looking for more hot topics? Here are a few more popular designs that are trending right now on Spreadshirt. Don’t miss out on the latest fad. With Spreadshirt, you can get the latest popular topics on a t-shirt before anyone else has a chance. Not only that, but these hot topics and trending designs can help you get inspired while searching through our Marketplace.

Hot Topics Headquarters

At Spreadshirt, we have thousands of hot topics to pick from in our Marketplace. But it doesn’t stop there. Using our T-Shirt Designer, you can make your own trending t-shirts and fully customize your fashion experience. Stay up on the latest hot designs and show off your fashion sense with Spreadshirt’s trending design headquarters. We update these hot topics regularly, so don't miss out on your chance to grab something hot!

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