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Custom Tuxedo T-Shirts from Spreadshirt

Stay classy with custom tuxedo t-shirts from Spreadshirt.

Bachelor party, a formal restaurant, prom, or Valentine’s Day are great excuses to dress up with a custom tuxedo t-shirt.

Breaking all the social norms comes standard with your custom tuxedo t-shirts. Wear your custom tuxedo t-shirt as a gag or give it as a gift to a friend who is getting married.

Go to Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Maker and start your social faux pas filled night by choosing from our custom designs and products. Add your own text, image, or picture to further personalize your infamous custom tuxedo t-shirt.

Custom Tuxedo T-Shirts and the Formal Dress Code

Custom tuxedo t-hirts don’t normally factor into high society formal wear dress codes. Five star restaurants and formal dances will exclude any wearer of the custom tuxedo t-shirt without a second thought.

However, if you take a look at some formal dress codes, there should be no reason why custom tuxedo t-shirts shouldn’t be allowed.

The Formal Social Event

A formal social event requires a tie, a white collared dress shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks. Custom tuxedo t-shirts come equipped with a tie and a button down dress shirt (ok, images of them).

Simply change the color on your custom tuxedo t-shirts to white and you have everything but the collar, cuffs, and cufflinks.

Wear a custom blazer from Spreadshirt and say your collar and cuffs are detached like a true traditionalist would and wear your custom tuxedo t-shirt with pride.

The Semi-Formal Dinner Party

Custom tuxedo t-shirts could work for that garden party you are invited to. This type of event requires a white dress shirt with double cuffs and long collar if worn with a long tie or with winged single cuffs if worn with a cravat like at a wedding.

Again, your custom tuxedo t-shirt has you covered, except for the stiff collar and cuffs. Wear a custom long sleeve shirt with a custom tuxedo t-shirt design and roll up the sleeves to solve your problem.

Custom Tuxedo Shirts and the Spreadshirt Dress Code

At Spreadshirt we don’t require anything more formal than your custom tuxedo t-shirt. Our custom tuxedo t-shirts are produced with high quality printing techniques and delivered fast so that you and your custom tuxedo t-shirts are ready for the next social event that comes your way.

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