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Classic Value-T

Classic cut t-shirt out of 100% cotton and a light 155 g/m². The classic with an extremely good price/value ratio.

Measure A (inch) 26.8 28.0 28.7 29.5 30.7
Measure B (inch) 19.7 21.3 22.0 23.2 24.0

Create your own Windbreakers with Spreadshirt

Windbreaker jackets are perfect for rainy and cool days. Now you can customize your windbreakers with Spreadshirt and keep yourself and your custom t-shirts dry.

Spreadshirt’s personalization designer allows you to customize your windbreakers along with 100+ other assorted products, like custom hoodies and personalized sweatshirts. Simply select your product, like a unisex track jacket or windbreaker jacket, upload your unique design and text, and choose your color. If you don’t have any designs to upload, get some inspiration for your windbreakers from the Spreadshirt Marketplace, where thousands of designs are ready to be shared.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreakers are designed to protect the wearer against two very important things: wind chill and rain. The windbreaker jacket derives its name from the function it plays in the fashion industry. It acts as a literal wind-breaker, preventing the wind from penetrating your body. What components make up the perfect windbreaker?

Synthetic Material. Because windbreakers are used primarily when it is raining, materials such as cotton or wool would only soak up the moisture instead of repelling it. That's why no one wears these hoodies when it rains. Windbreakers like the one Spreadshirt offers are typically made of nylon.

The Hood. A windbreaker jacket is also equipped with a hood in order to protect the wearer’s neck and head from the elements. Hoods prevent water from escaping down the inside collar of the wearer.

Pockets. Windbreakers usually come with front pockets designed to keep water out so that the wearer’s valuables can stay dry. No one wants a wet wallet or cell phone.

Elastic cuffs. Outerwear like the windbreaker often has elastic cuffs to seal water and wind out of the wrist area. Nothing is worse than a cold gust of wind going straight up your arms.

Windbreaker Trend Setting

Don’t think that windbreaker jackets only serve to protect against wind and rain. These outwear articles have become quite popular in football circles, worn typically by head coaches. Athletes have been historically drawn to the windbreaker because it is functional and allows for a wide range of movement, so even when the elements are against you, your performance doesn’t have to suffer.

Windbreaker Jackets and the Spreadshirt Difference

Spreadshirt offers the best in quality windbreaker printing. Our print technology prevents designs from cracking or fading after the first couple of washes, even on synthetic material used for our sportswear and windbreakers. Our fast delivery and excellent customer service guarantee your satisfaction even when the weather is cold and rainy.

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