Commission payment

All earned commissions are processed after the end of the calendar quarter. Based on the necessary crediting period, commissions will begin processing 14 days after the end of the quarter. Therefore, the payout months are April, July, October and January. If this day falls on a weekend or holiday, then the processing will begin on the next business day.

Commissions from all areas, Shops and the Marketplace, are calculated together under the Statistics section in your account area. Spreadshirt requires Shop owners to provide their complete and correct name (or business name for corporations) and address under Account Settings > Member data in their user account. All Shop owners must also supply their Social Security Number or SSN (Tax Identification Number or TIN for businesses and corporations) under Account Settings > Financial Administration.

Failure to provide complete and correct information in these areas will result in the withholding of 28% of the commission payout. By January 31st the following year, Spreadshirt will send out 1099-misc forms for all shop owners receiving $600 or more in commission payouts for a year.

Commission payments are limited to two options: PayPal for all shop owners and Direct Deposit for shop owners with US checking accounts. Please make sure to fill in your financial information on the Financial Administration page.

The payout process will be organized as follows:


  • 14th of the month: We send an email with the statement of your account balance to be processed.
  • 18th of the month: We transfer the payable balance to PayPal accounts for those using the PayPal option.
  • 18th of the month: We initiate Direct Deposit payments to US bank accounts. Depending on the banks involved, it   may take several days for the payment to appear in your account.


Commission credits over $100 and older than 14 days can be paid out at any time upon request but no more than once each calendar month. All December early payout requests must be submitted by December 21st, no early payout requests will be accepted after this date for December. If your credit is over $100, then please make sure your Financial Information is complete and contact us with your Member ID to request the payment. Once the request is received, it may take up to 10 business days for the payout to be processed by our Accounting Team. Please note: during commission payout months, early payout requests are not accepted, so our Accounting team can prepare the payout of all partners.

The information provided under Account Settings > Member Data must be complete and correct with your tax details for your commission payout. However, it is possible to update your specific shop(s) contact pages under Shops > Contact Information.