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A Story Worth Celebrating

As we celebrate our fifteenth year, we are reminded that the greatest of successes most often begins with the spark of an idea. Spreadshirt is the brainchild of founders Lukasz Gadowski und Matthias Spieß. What began as a two-man team working from a university basement, has grown into a booming international business with over 750 employees and more than 70,000 active partners. Please join us in celebrating 15 years of an incredible success story!

15 Fun Facts About Spreadshirt

On-person self-expression by the numbers

22m sq. ft.

An area the size of downtown Chicago could be covered with the shirts that Spreadshirt has printed.


Spreadshirt designers come from over 165 different countries.

Founded in 2002

Dot-Com bubble bursts.
No trust in start-ups.
Spreadshirt takes the plunge!

45,996 gal.

of coffee consumed at work over 15 years. That's enough to fill 9 trucks!


office dogs love coming to work.

4,300tons or an amount equal to 120 Brachiosaurus

Amount of cotton used for all the Spreadshirt shirts printed.


Somebody found space for 120 designs on a single t-shirt. Hopefully he doesn't play hide and seek in it!


Products sold – enough to clothe the entire population of Australia!


different nationali­ties are represented by Spreadshirt employees.


The future already looked bright in the early years. Our models wore shades.


The evolution of the Spreadshirt Logo

Spreadshirt declared June 21st T-Shirt Day in 2008. It's the longest day of the year, and marks the beginning of the summer. What better day to celebrate the world's favorite piece of clothing?


There are
7 sextrigintillion ways
to combine designs, products and colors at Spreadshirt.
We took great care in counting all those 36 zeros!

11,123 miles

Longest distance travelled by a single order to the Cook Islands.

43,349 Designs were provided by our community on a Monday in June 2017. 3,566 in all of 2002.

From the Click of a Mouse to Arrival at Your House

See how your order makes it from our factory floor to your front door.

15 Years of Spreadshirt: An Inside Look

Spreadshirt and Our Partners: 15 Years of Shared Success

Fifteen years in the fast-moving world of online business can feel like a lifetime. Spreadshirt has come a long way since the early start-up days, and there is still a lot to be done to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. As we celebrate our fifteenth year of business, we take a look back at what got us to where we are today. read more

Don’t talk, just do it. – How Spreadshirt Came to Life

15 years after starting as a basement experiment, Spreadshirt is now the market-leader in Europe and a major player in North America. It may sound like a fairy-tale, but Lukasz’ recipe for success is actually quite simple, “Don’t talk, just do it.“ read more