2012 presidential election t-shirts

Gear up for the Vote

The 2012 presidential election is gearing up- and so should you! Presidential elections and candidate merchandise come hand in hand- support your candidate with custom Obama t-shirts or personalized Romney t-shirts.

Express your opinions about the candidates by creating your own custom t-shirt or by exploring the Spreadshirt Marketplace for awesome or funny political t-shirts. There is sure to be something for every political persuasion.

Check out the latest from the Spreadshirt Campaign Tracker and Gallup:

The latest Gallop Poll breakdown (20 October- 22 October 2012):

Election Poll

Approval Rating

Both Obama and Romney need your help. Show your support for your political candidate by checking out the latest Obama t-shirts or Romney t-shirts.

The 2012 Presidential candidates have been chosen. The 2012 Election battle has begun. President Obama is gearing up for another four years in the White House and campaign on steady economic growth and victories in the war on terror. The challenger, Republican nominee Mitt Romney, looks to be the conservative answer to President Obama.

Election Day 2012 is counting down. Whatever your political leanings, the 2012 Election is shaping up to be an exciting campaign season. Choose your sides by customizing Obama shirts or Romney shirts and proudly sporting your creations. Remember, every vote counts. So make your apparel vote count this 2012 presidential election.

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