In the Bag – Ideas for the Cinch Sack

cinchsacprodukt6.jpgOne of the items that is currently included in the winter clearance sale is the amazing Cinch Sack.  I have a few of these handy bags and I have discovered that they have many more uses than just a basic backpack.  So here are just a few of my favorite uses for this bag, please add your ideas too.  Order one or two or more before they are gone.  Check out the picture below – I think it does a good job of showing the fluffiness of the flock on the bag.

  • Back Pack – I know this is kind of an obvious one, the Cinch Sack makes a great light weight bag to take with you on a walk or hike.  It is the perfectr size for a bottle of water, keys, camera, etc.  I took mine on the StepTrek last fall.  It does all the work of a fanny pack, but is a lot less dorky.
  • Sneaker Bag – Use the Cinch Sack all the time to put my dirty sneakers in, keeps other things clean and you can through the Cinch Sack in the wash when it gets to dirty.
  • Dirty Gym Clothes – Take it from me – plastic grocery bags are not the solution to this problem.  I often shower and get dressed for the day at the gym so I am left with a sweaty t-shirt and shorts.  I don’t want to just put the dirty clothes in my bag.  At first I would put them in a grocery bag – which led to some mold, especially if you leave it there for a few days.  Solution – the Cinch Sack I keep one in the gym bag – dirty gym clothes go into the Cinch Sack and then I can take the whole thing right to the laundry room.  Keeps the dirty separate from the clean but allows everything to breath.  (Never did I think I would have the opportunity to blog about dirty laundry in such detail).
  • Travel Knitting Bag – The Cinch Sack is hand down the best knitting bag I have tried.  Zip-lock bags are okay but the needles poke through the plastic.  An added bonus to the Cinch Sack is that you can keep your yarn in your bag while you are knitting and cinch the bag – this keeps the yarn from getting tangled while you are working on it.

What do you use your cinch sack for?


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