What is International T-shirt Day?

We are glad you asked.  Spreadshirt is declaring the first day of Summer, June 20, 2008 –  International T-shirt Day. You can learn all about the celebrations and even win a t-shirt at

Come and Celebrate with us!

The first International T-Shirt Day is an initiative of Spreadshirt. Our goal is to make the first summer day in the year (June 20th in the US, June 21st in Europe) the “International T-Shirt Day”. We will celebrate with local events in Berlin and Boston, but feel free to join us if you’re residing some place else!

Why would you celebrate the T-Shirt Day?

First of all, T-Shirts are our business and we love them as a medium of self-expression. Second: Because we feel it’s time to celebrate the “most universal fashion garment”. Think of the role T-Shirts have played in popular culture. Think of all the memories that are connected to your favourite shirts. Of all the political, thoughtful or just funny messages people are carrying around on their chests and backs. And at the same time how fashionable T-Shirts are. We think, these are enough reasons to celebrate. (Of course, you can also think: lucky me, I got another excuse for just going out and party without having to make up a reason myself…).

And why would you celebrate it on 20th and the 21st of June?

This day is the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year – which day could be more perfect to wear T-Shirts all day long? And yes, it happens to be on two different dates in the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, it´s the international beginning of the t-shirt season, on which you shouldn´t have to worry about countless layers of clothes to feel good.  All you need is your custom t-shirt or even a fashionable personalized tank top.

And why in Boston and Berlin? How can I join?

Berlin and Boston are the places in which we will celebrate (because we’re located there) – and you´re more than welcome to join. We will let you know about the location details soon.

If you’re too far away, living in New Zealand or Guadelope feel free to celebrate in your area. Meet with your friends, listen to music, have some ice cream and drinks – chat about your favourite T-Shirt and enjoy the day together with us. Just make sure you let us know how you celebrate: tag your pictures, videos, blogposts, twitter-streams with t-day08 (and we’ll do the rest).

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  3. Cool, thanks Lindsay. Also, do you have any tips on “how” to celebrate other than just wearing the t-shirt? Any other acts of self-expression or individuality to go along with our unique T-shirts?

  4. Thanks for checking out t-shirt day. We are still working out the details for the Boston event. Check out for updates. I will try to get the event details posted here and on facebook.

  5. Hey, this looks like fun! I live just outside Boston, and my husband goes to Boston University. Is there any particular location where T-shirt wearers are meeting up? I didn’t see exact details in the website.

  6. Hey Lindsay,

    T-shirt day! That’s hilarious! I just happen to live in the Boston area, and my husband goes to Boston University. If we wanted to participate, where would we go? I checked out but I couldn’t find any specific info.
    We would want to miss out on the chance to win a free t-shirt!

    – April

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