laFraise Redesigned – Opens with a €15,000 T-Shirt Design Contest

You may have followed it on Twitter. Perhaps you have already seen the news on Tee-Junction or on Hide Your Arms – but you will read it here too: laFraise has launched its new redesigned site with a big bang. Our strawberry-loving colleagues at laFraise have worked hard giving the site a make-over and thought it none better than to mark the event with one of the biggest prizes in t-shirt competition history.
This special contest is the second edition of the 15K contest, but with a big new twist. Instead of awarding 3 designers with €5,000 as they did last year, there will only be one winner to lay claim to the big bag of cash filled with €15,000. Whip out your calendar and multiply that by the current exchange rate of 1.397 and you’ve got a whopping $20,955. That’s a lot of dough. In addition to the cash, this lucky talented designer will have their design printed on 2,000 shirts and go down in t-shirt history.

If you want to join in on this designing fun, you can start uploading your designs on 14th July. Check out the details on the laFraise blog.

For more information about the relaunch – here is a video of Guillaume and Tobi talking about the new site (turn up the volume a bit).

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  1. Who came up with this “idea” ? That means you will have hundreds of people designing for you for free. Only one winner? Besides, for €15,000 every hacker on the planet will do whatever it takes to hack your voting system and win, including employee insiders in Spreadshirt may attempt to steal the prize using fake submissions, your own company is the weakest link. And I heard rumors about you snobs at Spreadshirt, I don’t think I will be sharing my precious designs with this kind of people. Sorry.

  2. @astrogirl – I think awarding a talented designer with €15,000 is a great idea and I also think you have some misconceptions about how laFraise works. All of the designers who submit designs aren’t designing for laFraise for free – they retain their rights and designs if they aren’t chosen. The laFraise community and laFraise employees (and not Spreadshirt employees) choose one winner (and in this special contest the complete rights to the design are actually bought from the designer). laFraise then prints only that design from the many submissions.
    The rest of your comments are quite outlandish, but I certainly would be interested in hearing these supposed rumors you’ve heard.

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