CNN Headline Shirt of the Week: King of Pop’s hair will create diamonds

michael jackson's hair will create diamonds CNN headline t-shirt

This is one of the more interesting CNN Headline t-shirts I have seen. When I first saw the headline I was hoping it was going to be some sort of retrospective on Michael Jackson‘s haircuts over the years. He had many different styles – and I have dound that most people have a strong opinion on which one they preferred.

But there really is a way to turn hair into diamonds – and I learned quite a lot of interesting facts from this video. I have to say I am a fan of Jeanie Moos – she does a good job of asking questions on these segments too.

The company, LifeGem, can create diamonds out of human hair. The hair that they will use to create this diamond came from the infamous Pepsi commercial shoot where Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire. There is a guy, John Reznikoff, who is the world leading hair collector – check out this video from the Wall Street Journal about his hair collection – which is actually pretty interesting – especially if you are a history buff. Reznikoff recently teamed up with LifeGem to create a diamond from Beethoven‘s hair.
Embedded video from CNN Video

Some more reading about the King of Pop’s Hair Diamond:

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