Webinars and Tutorials for Setting Up Your Spreadshirt Shop

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Are you looking for a little help in getting your shop started with Spreadshirt? I wanted to share some of the places you can get more information and some tips on setting up and running your Spreadshirt shop.

  1. Spreadshirt Webinars – Webinars are a free, live presentation about different topics – all you need is your computer to participate. We have 2 different webinars (Spreadshirt Bootcamp and Vector Graphics 101) and we are working on some new ones that will launch in the future. Click here to see a list of upcoming webinars and to register to attend a future webinar.
  2. Spreadshirt Forums – We have a very active forum where Shop Partners have shared lots of great ideas and tips. Check out the Shop Admin Forum and the HTML and Web Coders Advice Forum.
  3. Shop Partner Newsletter – Each month we send out an info packed newsletter to shop partners including info on new products and tips for shop partners. Make sure you are subscribed in the Shop Admin section Your Spreadshirt->Profile->Subscriptions
  4. Shop Partner Stories – see what some of the other shop partners are up to and how they get ideas for new designs. Check out the Shop Partner Stories here.
  5. Tommy White’s Blog – Tommy White is the guy behind Nekkid Tee’s. Tommy has posted some great tutorials on his blog – check out his great tutorial on Organizing Your Spreadshirt Products and his Starting Grid for Spreadshirt Vectors. Thanks Tommy!

Know of some other Spreadshirt tutorials? Please share your favorites here.

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  2. Hi Rob – Thanks for the comment – we agree – a recorded version would be helpful – we are working on it. I promise to post it on the blog as soon as we get it ready to go.

  3. Any particular reason these are only available as live events? I don’t doubt that there is value in live presentations for some, but I have to believe that some version of essentially the same content on demand would be useful too. For example, if I want to create a design now, not a week from now, and I want to get it right the first time, it might be helpful to watch something like the Vector Graphics 101 webinars now (whenever now is) as a simple video.

    Cheers, Rob

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