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Early this week there was a great post on the Craft blog about how to make a t-shirt memory scarf. I think this is a great twist on the ever popular t-shirt quilt – but almost better because you can wear a scarf and you can’t really wear a blanket. We have been talking here at Spreadshirt about other t-shirt remixes – ways to resuse your t-shirts so I thought I would do a little round up of some other T-shirt Scarf ideas.

Next I found this post from Dana about Craftster‘s T-shirt Scarf. I think Dana is wearing the Craftster’s Sweatshirt from Spreashirt (I love that skull and knitting needle design :)). Here is the tutorial from Craftster for the Scarfy/Necklace thing.

The blog Wardrobe Refashion has a nice tutorial for a Ruffly T-shirt Scarf. This could be a great way to use up the scraps from the sleeves of the shirts used for the memory t-shirt scarf too.

I also took a look at the excellent list of 50 ways to reuse t-shirts that Andy who write the t-shirt blog Hide Your Arms put together last month. (If you haven’t checked out Hide Your Arms, you should – Andy has lots of great t-shirt lists!) Here are some more scarf ideas:

I know this post is about reusing t-shirts but I have to mention that you can now create custom scarves at Spreadshirt. We have just added the American Apparel jersey scarf in red, royal blue, dark pink and black. Check out some of the custom scarfs in the Spreadshirt Marketplace here or you can create your own scarf design here.
Feeling extra crafty – you should enter your finished scarf into the Craft Me, My Scarf,  and I Contest too.
CRAFT: Singer Contest - Me, My Scarf, and I

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  1. @custom t-shirts – I totally agree – I have the skull and knitting needles design on the distressed hoodie – it is my favorite. The Craftster shop has some great stuff and you can customize the text on the shirts. Mine says, Knit fast, die warm.

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