Wordplay with Wordboner : Typography with Personality

Some of you might have picked up on the bold additions to the typography t-shirt scene coming from Wordboner. This is another one of our shop partners who is dealing out his shirts on both sides of the Atlantic. You can make your own assumptions on his choice of title, but it was very clear to Peter after 5 seconds of thinking about it (see below). The shop has certainly gathered attention, recently appearing on Tee Junction and Coty Gonzales. One very commendable part of Wordboner, the shirts aside, is its use of social media. There’s a lot to learn from this ambitious Shop Partner. We thought we would ask Peter a few questions, and this is what came of it:

What’s the story behind Wordboner?

Wordboner was born from two separate creations I had nothing to do with. One day, about a year ago, I saw this quote on Postsecret that said “I have no direction in my life and I’ve never been happier”, which I thought suited my own life at that moment very well (at least the lack of direction part). I’ve put it together with a nice picture of balloons I found on, as that seemed to go perfectly with the text: the balloons don’t really have any specific direction, yet they are symbols of happiness and joy. I published it on my tumblog, and got some great response. I immediately thought of a separate blog where I would post such quotes. I don’t think I thought more than 5 seconds on the name, it just occurred to me and it fit.

You mentioned getting a lot of feedback. Where does this feedback come from and is it related to your “real” job?

At the moment, I don’t have a ‘real’ job – which has its pros and cons. Pros being, I can have more time for Wordboner. Feedback comes from my fans all around the world, from America, Europe, Asia – from comments and messages on Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, etc. It’s really amazing. Wordboner is powered by Tumblr -if you don’t have a blog there, you definitely should get one pronto- and what’s great about Tumblr, is that it allows to interact with everything that I post right away: instant feedback. Some of the comments are particularly nice; some people tell me that wordbonerisms give them some hope, or that they always feel cheered up, or they start thinking about things they’ve never noticed before. If I don’t get a ‘real’ job, as you called it, I wouldn’t mind doing this for the rest of my life:)

Where do you get your ideas from? What happens before a shirt lands on your site?

I get my inspirations from literally everywhere. I have this thing, I think too much so every time I have an idea, I write it down immediately. Sometimes it takes some time for the idea to grow, while sometimes it’s in the spur of the moment, and after 5 minutes, the teeboner is up online.

Which shirt do you wear most often?

I actually like tees that have bold statements. That would always get me in trouble in school. I never design a shirt that I wouldn’t wear myself. When I’m not sure, I ask myself: would you wear it? And if I wouldn’t, I alter it until the answer is positive.

And which t-shirts which got you into trouble in school?

I can’t remember the exact ones, it’s been some time… I remember one that said ‘Genius when drunk’ and the other one that said ‘Stoned’ (written in typeface that the Rolling Stone magazine uses). Obviously back then, no teachers in Poland knew English well enough to understand them…except for English teachers, they always gave me the evil eye. It’s funny now, but then I had a couple of serious talks with teachers.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world about Wordboner?

BUY TEES! Haha. But seriously: join Wordboner at, follow the tweets at, and buy tees at

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