Buying High End Fashion- Boutique or Online?

When shopping do you tend to buy online or from the store? There are obviously benefits of both such as convenience and endless options when buying online and seeing and trying on the items when buying directly from the store. There also tends to be more of a urge for an impulse buy when shopping in a store as you see something you instantly fall in love with which doesn’t tend to happen as often when shopping online. Also, especially with big ticket purchases we tend to be more inclined to purchase once seeing the item in person.

However when it comes to high end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci is it better to buy online or direct from the store? Gucci offers it’s complete collection online and even offers web exclusives on handbags not found at their retail locations. Web exclusives like these are very common for many brands and retailers as it makes the online shopper feel special and also allows the brand/retailer to test their markets and offload some excess or off season stock.

While Louis Vuitton shows their complete collection online many pieces are not available for purchase through their site. Items such as their fine jewelry collection, and most of their clothing collection are only available at select store locations. Louis Vuitton’s strategy of not making everything available online is a good move for the fashion brand since it still leaves some exclusivity to their store locations and keeps customers coming in to see the “goods”. a premier luxury brand retailer offers hundreds of high end brands. The ease of their site offers the ability for those not located near a large city to get designer goods shipped directly to their home in a short few clicks.

Have you bought high end fashion online?

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