Valentine’s Day Design Contest

I know. We just got through a pretty hectic holiday season, but don’t put away your designing caps! Another big gift-giving extravaganza is just around the corner. And we want some fun, original designs! Thus, our Valentine’s Day Design Contest!

We’d like you to create a Valentine’s Day design, submit it to the Marketplace and tag it with: 2011VALCONTEST. We will then select 3 winners and each will receive the following prizes:

  • one of three 1st positions in the Bestseller category in the Spreadshirt US Designer between January 20th and February 14th (one of our most trafficked areas on the site)
  • one of three 1st positions in the Valentine’s Day category in the Spreadshirt US Designer between January 20th and February 14th
  • feature in a Spreadshirt Valentine’s Day US customer newsletter (Date TBD)
  • $35 Spreadshirt coupon and free standard domestic shipping for it!

Here are some basic rules about the contest:

– Contest officially starts on January 6th and ends on January 19th, 2011. Spreadshirt will announce the winners on January 19th, 2011.
– Your design must be submitted to the US Marketplace and tagged with 2011VALCONTEST during the above period.
– Designs should be closely or loosely related to the themes surrounding the idea of love and relationships. Be creative. A generic heart will definitely not win you the prize.
– The winners will be picked by Spreadshirt staff based on following criteria:

1. Creativity and Originality (New and previously unsubmitted designs have advantage)
2. Versatility (Invites customization – provokes thought for adding text or multiple designs)
3. Market Appeal (Immediately attracts attention from the viewer)
4. Applicability to Apparel (Design can be used on a wide variety of apparel items)
5. Production (Vector designs are preferred)

Happy creating!

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  1. @gary – vector designs are preferred.

    @jesse – please read my longer comment above. you will only get your commission set on the design if that design is sol.d

    @amber – as stated above, there is no limit. you can see designs submitted with the tag by searching for the tag in the T-Shirt Designer (using the search function)

  2. So, let’s clear up some of the confusion. You can find all of this info up in the post.

    – @Melissa if you are a winner, your design gets displayed in the locations specified above. You would receive the commission you placed on your design if the design is sold. So, yes.

    – @mohit the prizes are detailed in the bullet points. The 3 winners get all receive the following: 1st positions in the t-shirt designer bestselling designs. 1st positions in the t-shirt designer Valentine’s day category. Placement in our newsletter. And a $35 coupon with free shipping.

    – @mohit – I wanted to be clear for some people outside the US who land here. This contest is only applicable on the US Marketplace ( and **not** our EU/UK site. Upload your design to your account on (preferably a vector). Once it is approved, go to your Design tab. Next to each design you’ve uploaded is a button “Add to Marketplace”. Click here and insert the tag 2011VALCONTEST. That’s it.

    – @moira – with the exception of the $35 Spreadshirt coupon, there is no direct money involved in this contest. It is geared more towards placement in high traffic areas, which would lead to your design selling better. That would mean you would earn commission on that sale.

    – @Gian submitting your design to the marketpalce and tagging it with 2011VALCONTEST is done from your account. See my description in the comment to mohit.

    Hope that clears things up for you all. Again, all of this info and more is above. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Hey there Spreadshirt copywriters…a little clarity on the money, please. Glory be great, but kudos don’t be payin’ 21st century bills.

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