Brand (Spanking) New at Spreadshirt: Pheromone Shirts

A common question that goes through my head when I put on a shirt: do I look sexy in it? Up until now this answer has only come from the eye of the beholder. But how, how, HOW can I guarantee that my shirt can become a flirt-shirt?

We’ve thought long and hard about this question – and decided to try and do something about it. To offer our customers something they’ve never had before. We put our test lab on the task. And they didn’t disappoint.

Starting today we are releasing our brand new Pheromone t-shirts. The results were quite astounding. And the best part about our newly-developed spray – you can select it when going through checkout and we will add it to the shirt during production. All you have to choose is whether to attract women or men. Find out more details on our Pheromone Shirt landing page. You can also see the spray and its guaranteed results in this (small) promotion video:

Here’s to shirts making flirts that much more successful! And I hope you enjoyed seeing me get smacked around – but it all worked out in the end!

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  1. Like I have been saying for a couple of years now visit my shop Heaven Scent “Where the scent is in the art of creation.” Really no April Fools here just a great spreadshirt shop.

  2. I’m a geek so I just had to Google it. Solenopsis invicta- red imported fire ant.
    “…are known to have a strong, painful, and persistent irritating sting that often leaves a pustule on the skin.”
    “…The ants respond to pheromones that are released by the first ant to attack. The ants then sting in concert, often inflicting death on smaller animals by overloading their immune systems.”
    I want in! Do you have an affiliate program for it?

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