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How does SpreadShop work?

Opening a SpreadShop store is very easy. You’ll be able to choose the designs and products you want to put up for sale, and you earn money every time a purchase is made! We store the products for you and print the items as soon as a customer orders them in your Shop. For you, this means there is absolutely no risk and or obligation involved. We take care of payment, shipping and customer service. All you have to do is create products and designs, put them up for sale in your Shop, and promote your Shop and products on social media.

To create an online Shop, click here and choose “Open Your Own Online Shop”. Enter some registration information, and you can immediately start your online business by creating your products.

How do I create products for my Shop?

The product creation process depends on when you opened your Spreadshirt account. Recently opened accounts use the new Shop system. This is why there are currently still two different user interfaces:

1) If you have opened an account before October 20th, 2016:
Go to “My designs” and click on “Create a product with design”. Choose a product from our range and put the design into place or choose a design from thousands of designs on offer. You can also add text. Once the product is created, add it to a store.

2) If you opened an account after October 20th, 2016:
Go to the “Designs” menu in the left column to import a design and enter all the necessary information. Then choose the category of products to create several products simultaneously with the design.

Is the SpreadShop really free?

Yes, the SpreadShop is completely free. Since we only print on-demand products, you have no expenses.

How is the product price determined?
The price of a product for sale in a Shop consists of:
• Product base price (without printing)
• Printing cost
• Your commission (consisting of design price, Affiliate Commission and Volume Commission)

How do I integrate the Shop with my website?

The SpreadShop can easily be integrated with any website. Depending on what you want to do, some knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaSript may be required. Please use JavaSript to integrate the Shop with your website. In “Shop Settings -> Extended -> Shop Integration” you will find the necessary information. You can, of course, integrate your Shop without specific knowledge of IT programming. The Shop is then available via a URL.

What is the difference between SpreadShop and Marketplace?

A SpreadShop has its own URL that can be integrated with your website. You are the manager and you choose the products and designs that you want to offer. It is up to you to advertise and market your Shop so that your products can be found by customers. With each sale, you will receive the design price and Affiliate Commission on generated sales, set at 20% of the cost of printing and product. Depending on the number of products sold, you can even earn more with the Volume Commission.

The Marketplace is part of the Spreadshirt site. It is a great platform on which creative minds can offer their designs. You can simultaneously have a Shop while selling your designs on the Marketplace. As for the Marketplace, you don’t have to worry about marketing, since thousands of visitors browse and buy on the Marketplace every day. In addition to choosing the design, the customer selects the product on which the design will be printed. The design can also be adjusted on the product, changed in size and sometimes even color. With every design you sell, you will receive the design price you set.

To find out which sales channel is most appropriate for your needs, take a look at this article.

Can I customize the Shop layout?

It is entirely possible to adapt the layout of the Shop. You can import an image for the header and choose a color theme. It is also possible to determine your own color palette. More advanced users can use the “HTML and CSS” option to customize the Shop header and footer. You can also make adjustments to the header and footer in the checkout area.

Do you offer white label shops?

Yes, that’s standard. The Spreadshirt logo will not appear on your Shop. It allows you to add your personal touch the way you see fit. The only mention of Spreadshirt is in the footer (“Powered by Spreadshirt”).

Designs and Products

Can I work on several products at the same time?

Yes, that’s possible. Since there are two different store systems, there are two options:

1) If you have opened an account before October 20th, 2016:
You need to select the products concerned (by checking the box in front of the products). At the bottom of the page, there is a list of actions that can be applied.

2) If you opened an account after October 20th, 2016:
You need to select the relevant products (by checking the box at the top right of the design preview) and click on “Configure”. You can add keywords, change the design price or delete products for all selected designs.

Why was my design refused?

There are many reasons for refusing a design. The most common is that the lines of the vector graphics are too thin. If the lines are too thin, the design can’t be printed properly or the print may deteriorate after several washes. It is also possible that designs violate copyrights (e.g. trademarks or word marks). You will find a list of reasons for refusal in our FAQ Section for Partners.


How does the commission system work?

Depending on the distribution channel (Marketplace or Shop), there are different types of commission (see the question “What is the difference between the SpreadShop and the Marketplace?”).

Regardless of the chosen distribution channel, you always receive the design price. You set the amount you want to receive for each sale. The design price can be set up to $15. We advise you, however, to take heed of how some of our more popular designers price their deigns. As a rule of thumb, a $3 design price is the one that tends to work best.

If you have a Shop and sell a product, there are two additional types of commission:

1. The Affiliate Commission on sales generated. 20% on the price of the product and printing, after deduction of tax that the customer pays to Spreadshirt.

2. The Volume Commission on sales. If you sell more than 26 products in a matter of a bonus period (one month), you receive a bonus ranging from 0.5 to 40% of the price of the product and the printing.

You will find all information on commission types in our help center.

Why have my commissions still not been paid, and how do payments work?

The amount of commissions generated by sales can only be paid to partners who have correctly stated their name, address and bank account details or PayPal account address. As soon as the minimum balance has been reached, all commissions earned are paid out once a month, regardless of the distribution channels or the commission type. We begin accounting for your fees no later than the 15th day of the following month. It may take up to two weeks for the money to be in your account. You receive the money earned in e.g. October by the end of November.

Payments are only made if you have reached the minimum balance. The latter depends on the currency you have chosen. If the chosen currency is the dollar, payment will be made when the accumulated credit amounts to $10 min.


Do I need to register a business?

Unfortunately, we can’t make any blanket statements, here. Factors depend on your personal and professional situation. If in doubt, please refer the matter to a tax consultant.

Tax Forms for non-U.S. Citizens Selling on the North American Platforms

Please download, fill out, sign, and email the form below as an attachment to

Why? We are required by the IRS to collect and report specific business transactions and provide statements of income to parties involved in those transactions. Failure to provide correct information will result in Spreadshirt withholding up to 30% of your earnings.

For Individuals

Download form W-8BEN-E

Please add your Partner ID to the form on line 10. Fill out the remaining fields of the form with the same information you have entered above and the information you normally provide the IRS. It is very important that this information is consistent!

For Businesses

Download form W-8BEN

Please add your Partner ID  to the form on line 7. Fill out the remaining fields of the form with the same information you have entered above and the information you normally provide the IRS. It is very important that this information is consistent!

We also accept electronically signed forms created with your Adobe account or the Acrobat Reader package.

Once you have submitted this form to, we will need some time to process and validate it. We will inform you here once this process is completed.

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  1. If people frequently make the same mistake there is a usability design issue. This is true with the design / shop commission issue. The problem may be work flow but that could be expensive to address. A fair and simple solution is to set a default value for each. This would ensure some compensation for the designer, unless they intentionally reset the value to zero. It should never be the case that a designer get nothing while the user of the image earns money, unless the designer intentionally and knowingly so chooses. That is just fair.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Diane 🙂

    We’ve discussed (here on the blog and in the forum) having a default commission and have heard good arguments for and against. I also agree that these questions point to some usability issues where things like the commission aren’t clear to new users. I’ll pass this along to our product management 🙂