New Limit for Design Uploads for Shop Partners

We made some changes to our design upload limits a couple of weeks ago. The changes are designed to simplify the upload process and give new partners a base to work from. Here are some more details on what this means for you:

Design Upload Limits Have been Raised

All Spreadshirt Shop Partners can initially upload 50 designs to their account. Once this initial 50 has been reached, Standard Partners can upload 5 more designs per day and Premium Partners can upload 50 more designs per day. There is no longer a difference between uploading vector or digital designs, each design upload counts towards your upload amount.

There is also no longer a correlation of upload limit to sales for Standard Partners. Standard partners had to rely on a number of sales to allow them to upload a further set of vector designs – and this simply wasn’t very productive. Our new automatic vector check robot is to thank for making this all possible. Digital designs uploads were unlimited for all partners, but now they are included in the daily and initial limit.

What are the advantages then of being a premium partner?

Premium Partners still have some great advantages over our Standard Partners. They are able to open a Designer Shop, send newsletters to their customers and open many shops from one account.

But, doesn’t this allow for more “junk” on the Marketplace?

This question is certainly valid, but these new limits also go hand in hard with our new Marketplace Guidelines. These guidelines will help ensure that the Marketplace is free from spammy designs (designs that aren’t suitable for the Marketplace, but are certainly valid for a Shop Partners shop).

So, now’s the time to start getting those Christmas and Holiday designs up on the platform!

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  1. sure standard can up load 5 a day but the thing is when we upload a image its not showing up !
    so we have to delete it and redo the upload again so there it takes our 5 daily uploads right and we can’t even get one image on there to show up in the image basket.

  2. Hey James,

    That’s weird that your design isn’t showing up. We could help you out if you email our service department (service @ spreadshirt dot com) with your partner ID and they can look into the problem.


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