Marketing tips for February Shop Spring Cleaning

Spring is fast approaching. It’s the time of change! This is your opportunity to clear out some older gear, and get the warmer season to a fresh start. You can make a few slight arrangements to brush up your shop. Here are our top 5 tips:

#1 Adjust your shop’s layout to the season

February is a month that people spend in different ways. Some go abroad to ski, others head south to where the sun is warmer. And then there are the first harbingers of spring right here. You know best what your customers or peer group could possibly want. Whether it’s accessories for their vacation or t-shirts in fresh colors of the season, bring it on. And bring your shop’s layout in tune with the new gear. As a rule of thumb: whether your customers like skiing, parties or are already getting in the mood for Easter – what really counts is this: get rid of anything that reminds people of winter, cold and rainy days.

#2 Less is more

A picture paints a thousand words. But when it feels like there are tons of pictures, your shop customers get distracted. This is why you should check whether all graphic shop elements are really needed. And then take the consequences: Show the door to images and icons that serve no real function, and take courage to “leave gaps”.

#3 Fulfill expectations

Over the years, Internet shoppers have developed a few habits: They expect i.e. the company’s logo to be in the top left corner, and they always scroll from top to bottom (and NOT left to right). Does your shop meet these conventions, so that customers can easily navigate your shop? Simplicity and intuition are more important than perceived creativity. Your shop should be designed in a way that your customer is used to from surfing other sites. He’d expect a familiar view when navigating your shop.

#4 Socialize

Do you have a guestbook or blog, but don’t really use it? The main reason for this could be that your customers have started using Facebook, Twitter and the like to comment on and recommend your products. You can bid farewell to your guestbook and make use of social networks.

#5 Optimize names

A good product name or design name is half the battle won. Check out our blog to see which criteria are important for creating suitable names and descriptions.

An SMC – Spring Cleaning Mission – is a good way of parting from old and dusty products in your shop shelves. Get your SMC underway, and show your customers that your shop is worth checking out time and again – because change is interesting! Also, it is important to start putting the work in for your Christmas business now. If your customers think that you don’t have new stuff for any season, they may forget about you when they need Christmas gifts. Change, you can 🙂

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