Fresh this spring: our new logo

April showers bring logo flowers!  A new heart is brought into bloom, and we realized that there were quite a few things that needed some dusting off.

It all started in our headquarters.  We collected quite a bit of stuff over the years here and the white walls really needed a bit of color. So, we’ve cleaned out some junk, moved furniture around and splashed a bit of color on the walls.  You can see what a difference it makes – our headquarters have been cleaned up and the walls are as colorful as our t-shirts. But I don’t want to waste your time reading about painting and redecorating. There are more important things we’ve been working on. The newly designed logo has given a new and modern shape to the heart, and the slightly different green is as fresh as the spring and our new products. While remaining true to our heart, we have reanimated typeface to breathe new life into our logo.

And whilst we were at it, we reviewed our whole corporate design. Particularly Doreen – one of our great graphic designers – set her hand to the task. Her creative and artistic touch will adorn many of our illustrations and graphic designs in future. But what’s behind all these changes? After ten years of Spreadshirt and five years with our Lovetab logo, the time was just ripe for a fresh breeze. We do not only want to keep our ears on the tracks of time, but also have an eye on quality and creativity. Our new products reflect this idea. And the new logo is only the first of many things that will change at Spreadshirt in the months to come. These changes will also affect remodelling of our homepage as well as the user area for our partners and designers.

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