My Shirt, My Voice: Nicole

When you dance, the hardest part is to express the beauty of the dance whilst making it look easy.“.
This is the slogan that I first read when registering with my dancing school. And it hits the nail on the head, because most people underestimate how demanding this beautiful sport can be. How often did I hear people say that “prancing about like that is no real sport”. Very well, I’d like to counter this notion with a relevé, a grand plié and finally a grand jeté. And I’m only able to do this after 6 years of hard work.

This is why I truly admire all this grace and ease that professional dancers express when floating across the dance floors of professional dance events around the globe. This is something I will most likely never achieve, but dancing is still a very important part of my life. It gives me confidence, stamina and a lot of relaxation. What’s more, you get in touch with others who feel just like you, and this is why my fellow dancers have also become my friends. Dancing bonds!

So, I want to take a stance on dancing, and I want to tell the world how much I love it by showing it on my t-shirt. Despite all the stress that goes with rehearsing and travelling to events, life is better when you dance your way through, isn’t it?
And even if you don’t dance your way, you may skate, bike, kick or ramble some of it, and this should be the thing that makes your daily grind that much easier to take. Show what you’re made off, and print it on your t-shirt!


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