My Shirt, My Voice: Melanie

“More than just a pretty face!”
Yes, I am. But why would I write that on a t-shirt? There is this old cliché that women who a) wear lipstick before 7pm, b) have their nails made or c) put on more than just a bit of eyeliner are shallow and… stupid. This type of girl shrieks at the thought of having to go out into the rain without an umbrella, and probably she’s a bit of a humourless tart.

Actually, this is exactly what I thought until one day I realised how much fun it is to have a keen eye on good make-up, and that it isn’t bad at all to look a bit more staid at times. I like putting on lots of make-up, and I’d say that this makes me stand out when compared to plain Jane. It’s not that I don’t think I could leave the house without make-up, I simply like colour as well as change. After all you can always be what you want to be; whether it’s purple hair or silver teeth or tattoos everywhere – all that counts is that you’re happy, and that you show it. So it’s fun to show off that there is more to me than just looks!


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  1. I design my shirts for my family and the things that I believe in. I know that some of the people are closed minded and they don’t even realize it. This day and time everyone needs to open their minds and trust what they know and believe. Oh yeah my name is Redd and I have dreads. Love and Peace

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