My Shirt, My Voice: A great hire!

It’s almost 4 years ago that I received an invitation for an interview with Spreadshirt, and I still remember how nervous I was when I had it. Of course I was eager to try and convince my interview partner of my knowledge, love for t-shirts and enthusiasm for work in general. And since I knew I was going to be quizzed on email marketing, I knew I had to be prepared and wear a t-shirt with a snappy slogan displaying my eloquence. It had to be neat and catchy. Best of all some kind of witty pun. Well, if you know my newsletters then you are aware of my penchant of picking from an embarrassment of riches 😉 So I took a long shower (that usually helps to clear my head), and – BOOM – there it was, the idea. A plain black t-shirt with the slogan “Klasse Einstellung” (a double meaning of great hire and great attitude) – what better way to convey what you are made of in an interview?!

The slogan worked very well as a plug in all those conversations that I had with everybody I talked to, this much I can say. Although I must say that on walking through Spreadshirt sacred site of t-shirt production and administration, almost everyone I saw was wearing some type of uniquely personalised garment, not to mention the fact that everywhere you looked there were printed t-shirts used for decoration. On having seen all of Spreadshirt’s premises, I was seen off in a very friendly and cordial way, and it only took another two days until I received a phone call. The words that made my day then were “Maria, you are a great hire!”

The outcome of this event made me very proud, and whenever I wear the t-shirt that paved my way I do so in a manner that’s not lacking in vanity. A t-shirt can say more than a thousand words!


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