My Shirt, My Voice: Why baking makes the world a better place

Monday morning 9:05 am – a new week at the office has just kicked off. As I walk into the office, all I can see are tired and long-faced colleagues. Some of them even manage to reply with a half-subdued “mor’n” to me. It is true – we at Spreadshirt also have to live with Monday mornings. But I think it’s never too late for a change, so here’s how I got the idea. Just as I produce a Tupperware container with a cake that I’d baked the previous evening, I can see people turning their heads and saying, “oh, Vici, did you bake that?” and “mmmh, cake for everyone?” Out of a sudden there seems to be new blood running through my work mates’ veins – the cake is gone faster than I can count to 20.

Well, I hadn’t planned to be eating it all by myself, to be fair. It’s fun to share! My interest in baking was kindled when I came across a great online blog that would introduce a brand new cupcake recipe on a weekly basis.A These were Martha Stewart’s recipes, and soon I ordered her whole recipe book. Cupcakes and muffins are my favourite things to bake, and it is really a great feeling when you get those little pastries right and your friends and colleagues lavish praise on you for being the primary source of their Monday morning joy.

And that’s why I like showing my love for baking – and especially for cupcakes – on my t-shirts as well:

When baking, I can relax and forget about the things that bother me during the day. I listen to some of my favourite tunes or my baking playlist (including Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie”) *sings it*… C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me / Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. But seriously, you should give it a go and then enjoy your mates or colleagues chocolate-smeared faces – those always make for good photos! And there is no fault in indulging in one’s own creations either…
This is why my mantra for the ‘My T-Shirt, My Voice’ will have to be: Baking makes this world a better place!


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