The Friday Funny

There’s lots of funny out there. In fact, there’s funny around every corner. Chris Rock is funny. Watching your friends act stupid and hurt themselves is funny. Vines are funny, old people are funny, farts are funny, old people farts are especially funny, memes are funny, silly videos on YouTube are funny. Face it, there’s funny all over the place. The best thing about funny, though, is that what I think is funny and what you think is funny may be two completely different things. For instance, I think the word ‘pickleweasel’ is hilarious. You may not. 😉

Here are a few selections from Spreadshirt’s GIGANTIC collection of funny t-shirts. Click HERE to dig through the rest of the collection. Every Friday afternoon, we’ll feature some new picks from our funny tees, so feel free to comment on things you think are funny and see if your category makes it up next Friday!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my “ask me about my attention deficit disorder or pie or my cat…” design! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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