Do It Yourself: Not Your Average Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who look like they worked in the gift wrapping department at the local mall for 25 years and can flawlessly and effortlessly wrap any sized or shaped gift with expert detail, AND the “the more tape the better, just stuff that end in the and cut the other part off” people. As you might have guessed, I am in the second category. I just could never figure out the gift wrap mastery so luckily-possessed by those in group 1. That said, here are some Do It Yourself wrapping methods that are simple enough for the “Group 2’ers” yet good looking enough for the “Group 1’ers”. Have a look!

The Burrito Wrap

Burrito Wrap

All You Need:

* Aluminum Foil
* A Brown Paper Bag (grocery sized, not sandwich sized)
* A Stapler
* A Slip of Paper or a “To:/From:” Tag (optional)

Good Wrap Style for:

* T-Shirts
* Aprons
* Socks or Underwear

Take your gift and fold/roll it in a way that will fit in the bag (I made this mistake and couldn’t fit it in the bag after I was all done! Haha). Now take a large sheet of aluminum foil and “roll” your gift up like a burrito! Pinch or twist the ends closed just like they do at your favorite burrito joint and put the “burrito” in the brown paper bag. Fold the top of the bag over and staple it shut. A funny addition is to add a little slip of paper at the top (a “To:” and “From:” tag) and make it look like the order slip from the take-out! I put a little burrito grease on mine for the added effect! 😉

The Jam/Mason Jar

The Jam/Mason Jar

All You Need:

* A Large Jar with a Lid
* Some Decorative Ribbon
* Twine and a “To:/From:” Tag (optional)

Good Wrap Style for:

* Baby Clothes
* Small Accessories
* Socks or Underwear

First, rinse your jar thoroughly (NO! I DIDN’T make this mistake; but no one wants leftover strawberry jam on the gift they just bought!). Depending on the size of your clothing or textile gift, you can fold, roll of stuff it inside for a cool and compact package. If you have tiny accessories, you can wrap them in tissue paper and throw them in. Wrap the lid with your decorative ribbon and decorate it with some Christmas flair, add a “To:/From:” tag and you’re done! Gift in a jar!

The Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve Wrap

All You Need:

* A Long Sleeve or Hoodie of Your Choice
* A Few Candy Canes and a “To:/From:” Tag (both optional)

Good Wrap Style for:

* Books
* Records
* Square Things

Place the hoodie or long sleeve’s print face-down on the floor and place your gift in the center of the garment. Fold the top and bottom of your garment over the gift as you would do with wrapping paper. Criss-cross the sleeves (fold the left sleeve over to the right, and the right over to the left). Flip the package over and tie the sleeves over the front in a knot or a bow. If you stick some candy canes under bow and add your “To:/From:” tag, this makes a cute and cool looking gift.

What do you think of these ideas? They’re easy, aren’t they? And with no sacrifice in style! Let us know what you think in the comments and send pictures of your creatively-wrapped gifts to Happy wrapping!

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