Do It Yourself: Coat Hanger Christmas Tree

christmas DIY

A Sign of the Season

Close your eyes and picture a Christmas tree: the tinsel, the lights, the ornaments, the angel or star that sits on top… maybe even some fake snow or candy canes draped about. Now picture a fond or frustrating memory of watching a family member struggle with any or all of these decorations—heck, I’ve seen a few trees tip over in my time! It is always a half-sad, half-hilarious occurrence. Sometimes all of these decorations can be a little much—especially if you live in a small apartment of just don’t have the time and patience for such a big ordeal. Spreadshirt has got a terrific DIY solution that will not only save you time, space and frustration, but will look great, also.

What You Need

1. 16 green plastic or wire coat hangers
2. Craft wire
3. Christmas lights
4. Christmas decorations

Oh, Tannenbaum!

spreadshirt christmas DIY

A large, flat service is best for this project. If you don’t have a big craft table or counter, look no further than the floor. Organize your hangers in the shape of a Christmas tree (we found that 16 hangers arranged top-to-bottom in a 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1 pattern looked best). Affix each hanger’s “hook” to the hanger above it and wrap the connecting points with your craft wire. Caution: Your wire ends should be kept in the back of your “tree” to avoid injury.

spreadshirt christmas DIY

Once you’ve gotten your hanger tree constructed the way you like it, hang the top hanger “hook” on the wall and now it’s time to decorate. Affix your lights, ribbons, bows, candy canes, ornaments and any other decorations you like, and BOOM! There you have it! A minimalist tree that just saved you a whole bunch of space, time, cold toes, a cold nose, etc. etc.

Happy holidays from Spreadshirt!

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