Shop Partners and the Blog: A Year in Review

blog recap 2014

Spreadshirt is built on the hard work and beautiful designs and products of our Shop Partners. Each and every week, we do our best to communicate important events and news to help you all succeed in your Spreadshirt Shop endeavors. Here’s a quick recap of some of our more successful articles from the Shop Partner side of our blog. Happy New Year to you all and cheers to an even more successful 2015!

Tips and Tricks

We work with a lot of very smart people here at Spreadshirt. Great minds from all over the world coming together to create. Over the year, we asked our experts from a few different departments to offer us some word of wisdom, some tips and some tricks that we could communicate to our Shop Partners to help them be more successful. They let us know how to best set up your shop for Search Engine Optimization, how to increase engagement via social media optimization, and 5 helpful solutions for social media marketing. And these were just a few of top articles! Make sure you browse the blog for a host of helpful info from our expert.

Shop Partner Interviews

From time to time, we like to share success stories from some of our partners to show how anybody—with a little effort and imagination—can be successful through Spreadshirt’s unique selling platform. Check out these insightful interviews with two of our top partners, Global Couture and Teacher T-Shirts. Follow their advice and you could find yourself with a successful and profitable shop, too!

Boosting Shop Sales

Although SEO, social media, etc. are highly important in creating awareness and visibility for your shop, views and sales can also be boosted by properly tagging your designs and products. Check out this interesting article on how to properly tag your designs for better sales and a higher conversion rate.

What kinds of information would you like to see geared towards Shop Partners in 2015? Should we do more of the same? Are there things you’d really like to know about that we can help with? Let us know! Leave your comment below or email us at and we’ll see what we can do! Happy holidays!

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