New Year’s Resolution: How Long Can You Last?

New Years Resolution

New Year’s resolutions aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re serious, serious commitments you resolve to live up to, no matter the cost, for 15 minutes or so. Here are a few resolutions you just may want to commit to for a little longer than that:

Get in Shape

Ha ha, yeah, we know, “round is a shape”… We’ve all heard that one once or twice. But seriously though, it’s probably time to get yourself to the gym. Don’t want to commit to the contract at the local sweat shop? Some push-ups, sit-ups and cardio in your living room are a good place to start.

Average drop-out rate for the “Get in Shape” resolution: 3 weeks

No More Baggage

We all carry around a ton of stuff. I’m not talking like, “that guy has a lot of baggage”, I’m talking cell phones, laptops, tablets, your lunch, your wallet or purse, etc. Let’s resolve to consolidate. Putting everything in one bag is a great way to keep your hands free for more important stuff (like coffee).

Average drop-out rate for “No More Baggage” resolution: 2.5 months

New Years Resolution

Be Seen Offline

Each one of us is a victim to the screen. Whether it’s your TV, your phone, your tablet or your laptop, we all spend a little too much time face-to-screen instead of face-to-face. Let’s resolve to be seen offline for a bit. Put down our devices a few times a day to sit and chat with a friend (NOT on Skype, you guys!).

Average drop-out time for “Be Seen Offline” resolution: 8 minutes

Hop on the Wagon

Once the holiday season has come and gone, it’s usually a popular resolution to dry out the ol’ liver. After all the eggnog, the warm spiced wine and “Christmas cheer”, it’s a good idea. Couple this with getting in shape and you’re well on your way to a healthy 2015!

Average drop-out time for “Hop on the Wagon” resolution: Is it 5:00 yet?

What was your New Year’s resolution this year? How long do you plan to keep it going and how long do you think you’ll really last? Leave us a comment or email our bloggers at blog@spreadshirt. Happy New Year, everyone!

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