6 T-Shirt Day Facts that You Should Know

6 T-Shirt Day Facts that You Should Know

T-Shirt Day 2015 is right around the corner—June 21st, to be exact—and there are celebrations galore planned to pay homage to clothing’s most versatile and popular member… the t-shirt. For us, waiting for T-Shirt Day is like waiting for Christmas. The anticipation and excitement builds and builds until we just can’t take it anymore. To help bridge the gap of nervous and excited anticipation, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about T-Shirt Day to help Shop owners fully grasp the concept and how they can benefit from the holiday of holidays.

Finally Summer, Finally T-Shirts

Why does the t-shirt deserve its own day, you ask? Well logically, the t-shirt is the single most versatile and practical garment of all. It can be worn with practically any outfit and offers its wearer the opportunity to express themselves through sayings, designs, slogans, logos, or even photos. For when you’re seen and not heard, a thoughtfully designed t-shirt can do the talking for you. And hey, June 21st just to happens to be the first day of summer, too. Coincidence? We think not.

When Did T-Shirt Day Start?

T-Shirt Day 2015

©Spreadshirt Archive

Well, dear friends, T-Shirt Day was the brilliant invention of a little company called Spreadshirt! Without t-shirts, we wouldn’t be who we are today. We first proclaimed June 21st “T-Shirt Day” back in 2008. It has been celebrated every year since with designs contests, blog coverage, t-shirt events in Leipzig, Berlin, and Boston and usually a great deal on t-shirts to help #tshirttheworld!

Getting Bigger, Getting Better

International T-Shirt Day

©International T-Shirt Day (Facebook Page)

Since 2008, the popularity of T-Shirt Day has spread like wildfire. Cities all over the world such as Oslo, Prague, Kiev, Berlin, New York, Boston, and many others participate each year with passionate celebrations. In Barcelona, clotheslines full of t-shirts are strung across and along roads and people participate in t-shirt exchanges to #spreadlove and #spreadunity.


Under the slogan “My T-Shirt, My Voice”, t-shirt lovers around the world were invited to express themselves, their opinions, their feelings, through the power of the t-shirt. This didn’t stop with people , though; #tshirttheworld inspired eager participants to dress local statues, inanimate objects, and other creative pieces in expressive t-shirts. Social media exploded with the #tshirttheworld hashtag as people shared their creativity across the internet.

T-Shirt Day 2015

T-Shirt Day Design Contest
Each year’s celebration brings with it a new thirst for the hottest and coolest designs. We want to see what you’ve got! From June 15th – June 21st, let’s blow up the hashtag #spreadstyle and share our creations among all the world’s t-lovers. In addition, you could win an Intuous Pro Graphics tablet by submitting you best and most creative #spreadfun, #spreadhope, or #spreadfeelings design through May 28th. You can get all the details of the “Spread Your Message” design contest here.

The Best Time for Sales

Best Time for Sales
The three most profitable times to sell t-shirts each year are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and… you guessed it… T-Shirt Day! For Shop owners, now is the time to refresh your offerings, expand your product range, add new designs, and MAKE MONEY! In addition to t-shirts for men, women, and children, tote bags, aprons, and baby one pieces are also big sellers as we move into the summer. T-Shirt Day also offers a great shopportunity to generate your own hype for your shop through social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other outlets.

How are you planning on celebrating T-Shirt Day this year? What unique and special campaigns are you going to run to take advantage of the T-Shirt Day hype? Let us know in the comments what your T-Shirt Day plans are.

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