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Below you will find our experts’ Top 5 picks from the Spread Your Message design contest which ran from May 7th through May 28th. Click on your favorite design to vote (one vote per person). Voting ends at 11:59:59 EST on June 7th, and the winning designer will receive an Intuos Pro graphics tablet.

In the spirit of Spread Your Message, we asked you to create designs which expressed one of the following messages: Spread Fun, Spread Hope or Spread Feelings. The best of the best are below.

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  1. Hi Gindasa,

    The design you’re referring to in an abstract record hidden in the context of a bird’s nest. As we all well know, music is the universal language and can Spread fun, hope or feelings to anyone whose life (or ears) it touches.

    Best regards,
    Leila from Spreadshirt

  2. I’m drawing a blank as to what the third one is referring to (the one with the nest and red and white circle in middle). Thanks for any enlightenment.

  3. I really don care for the ones you have posted to vote on. I like the T Shirt that has ” IF MOMMA AIN’T HAPPY, AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY.
    IF GRANDMA AIN’T HAPPY….”RUN”!…that is t he one i would vote for.

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