4 Must-Haves for the Summer: Need It. Gotta Have It.

Summer Must Haves

Each and every summer brings fashion trends that can heat up a night out, cool down a day at the beach, or even catch the eye of that certain someone (you know who I’m talking about). Check out these 4 must-haves for this summer.

#1. Flip Flops: Flip flops are the 100% absolute most important must-have of the summer. Not only are they the world’s most popular warm weather footwear, they are also, perhaps, the most versatile. You can wear a pair of flip flops to the beach (duh!), but girls can wear them with a sundress and guys can strap them on with a pair of khakis and a polo. They can be dressed up or dressed down and customized with your favorite designs, text, or photos in our T-Shirt Designer. Flip flops are our #1 must-have for this and every summer.
#2. Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote Bag: Number two on our list of summer must-haves is Spreadshirt’s Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote Bag. How else are you going to lug all of your stuff to the beach? Pack this carryall with your suntan lotion, sunglasses, a sandwich, a bottle of water, a good book and your towel, and you’re good to go! And hey, this versatile bag isn’t just for the beach or pool; this soft, lightweight tote is great for a day out on the town, too. And guess what? It’s washable. Decorate it with your favorite summer-flavored designs, use it time and time again, and throw it in the wash.
#3. Men’s Contrast Tank Top: For the fellas, the Men’s Contrast Tank Top is an absolute essential. Guys, forget the tight white tanks and the mesh basketball tanks—they’re played out and are only really made for the most casual of situations. Put a little style and versatility in your summer wardrobe with a contrast tank. Wear one without fear at a family BBQ or cocktail party.
#4. Women’s Flowy Tank Top by Bella: Finishing off our list at number four is the Women’s Flowy Tank Top by Bella. Consider this one your wardrobe chameleon—the jeans of the tops world. Versatile enough for a workout or for a night on the town, this one is an absolute summer must-own.
What other must-owns do you feel should’ve made the list? We’re talking essentials, here. Choose a few items from Spreadshirt’s product range and let us know which ones you can’t live without this summer. We’d love to hear from you!

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