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Sports Season

The age-old question of how to get your sweet little bum into gear – really this time – keeps re-occurring. You can watch those Pilates DVDs from your couch and think about doing that 5 mile run tomorrow until the cows come home. It will account to not much more than thinking about taking a flight without buying a ticket. The truth according to acclaimed philosopher Mark Wahlberg still holds true: “No pain, no gain.“ Good news: it takes about 2 minutes per hour to generate a positive effect on your health. Find out how and read on…Being active tends to go hand in hand with passive support. While NFL football fans will have to make do with a rather uneventful summer, fans of the women’s world cup soccer can enjoy the big football fest in a fitting supporter’s shirt. There’ll be more sport on TV to add a bit of TV action to your daily dose of Netflix series and reruns in 2015. First, the Tour de France offers some degree of hope for a clean British winner, then there’s Wimbledon and Andy Murray, and later the European basketball championship. In September, the long wait for physical team action will be rewarded with the kickoff off football season when the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots looking to deflate the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But now for what we promised earlier, a quick guide to making you active, sporty and healthy. Better than losing a bit of sweat over the team you support on TV is developing a regular habit of little daily workouts. Try using the “7 Minute Workout“app that’s been gathering dust and taking up precious memory on your smartphone. Keeping your body in motion for at least two minutes once an hour will greatly help increase your fitness levels and burn some of those stubborn calories. Take a long walk through the office, walk up and down a flight of stairs, do some squats in the broom closet when no one’s looking – but make sure you do something. And if you have the time, go for a run before or after work. Join a gym and never walk past it when you see it. A fitness tracker would be a sensible investment as well. And last but not least, buy some new gear for an extra token of motivation. Tank tops for men and women or a new pair of fitness pants by American Apparelwill get the sporty mood off the ground. And drink lots of water on the go– 2 to 3 litres a day—from a customized drinking bottle.

You’re a t-shirt merchant, so motivate your customers with sporty slogans and challenging designs. Designs that fit the currently ongoing sports events will be in line with what people are looking for. So keep your ear to the ground when it comes to preeminent sports events.

Need some input on crazy sports? We’ve had a look around and couldn’t believe what some peeps get into. Just look at what’s going down in Finland:

• World championship wife carrying
• Mobile phone long throw world cup
• Air guitar world championship
• Quagmire football world cup
• Sauna world championships

What’s the sporting event that you look forward to? And do you have a pet hate sport? How many minutes a day or hours per week do you work out? Please leave a comment below and share us on Facebook, Twitter & Co.

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  1. I can’t believe people actually play those sports! Great post on staying active. It’s so hard to be active when you’re at work, but I can do 2 minutes an hour. Thanks for sharing!

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