10 Search Terms You’ll Want to Know

10 Search Terms You’ll Want to Know


One of our more popular blog segments is our periodic release of Top Search Terms from the Spreadshirt Marketplace. Knowing what your customers are searching for is a great way to help cater your designs and tags to high-volume searches. If you know what your customers are looking for, you can capitalize by creating designs and products suited to those search terms. Find the Top 10 Search Terms from mid-April to mid-June below.

As an added bonus, our crack investigators have uncovered five occasions in August that are sure to spike in Marketplace searches towards the end of the summer.  Consider getting some related designs into the Marketplace and into your Shops to reap the rewards when the time comes.

Top 10 April-June Marketplace Search Terms

1.    Funny
2.    Couples
3.    Geek
4.    Best Friends
5.    Vintage
6.    Hip Hop
7.    Hipster
8.    Crossfit
9.    Swag
10. Birthday

Five Occasions in August to Prepare For

1.    August 2nd is International Friendship Day
2.    August 7th marks International Beer Day
3.    August 8th celebrates everyone’s favorite feline friend—the cat
4.    August 9th readers around the world rejoice in International Book Lover’s Day
5.    On August 16th Elvis Presley left us for the Graceland in the sky.  We celebrate his life and talents halfway through the month.

Take advantage of this inside information and start setting your Shops and designs up for success.  If you strategically position your products and Marketplace designs within the parameters of the Top Search Terms, you’re sure to get more looks from would-be customers.

We’d love to know if these lists increase your sales.  Do you find that catering your designs and products to the Top Search Terms helps increase your profits?  Let us know in the comments!

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