Which Tank Top Type are You?


Tank tops offer endless possibilities. They are available in short and long, wide cut or tapered, with wide straps or thin straps… For every taste there is a tank top, but how do you decide with so many styles to choose from? Our overview will help you to finally answer the burning question: Which tank top type am I?


The classic tank top is sporty and made primarily made of cotton. It’s not too short, not too long, not too relaxed, and not too tight.

Who should wear it: The simple styling and versatility of the classic tank makes it the perfect wardrobe staple for all men and women for just about any warm weather or sporting occasion.

When to wear it: For you ladies out there, the classic tank accentuates a beautiful neckline while not revealing too much, and therefore makes for both good office “under a blazer” wear and great leisurewear. For the men, it does well as a multifunctional recreational piece on hot days with shorts or pants, but it’s also for sporting activities under a zip hoodie.


A fashion triumph celebrated in recent years are women’s tank tops that are ride further down the torso and flow around the figure instead of clinging.

Who should wear it: Anyone who is all about comfort or wants to conceal problem areas around the tummy or waist should opt for a free-flowing tank.

When to wear it: The A-line cut looks great when combined with shorts or jeans. Our version is in the trendy racer back style for that added fashionability. In bright colors, this top also makes for a real looker on the dance floor!


Absolutely trendy at the moment are Tank Tops with wide armholes.

Who should wear it: This easy-flowing tank made of thin, almost transparent fabric is currently all the rage, for both the ladies and the fellas.

When to wear it: It used to be that this style of tank top was for pumping serious weight at the gym, but these days you can find this trend-setting piece at festivals, on the beach and of course cool summer parties under the stars. Good outfit combinations include skin-tight leggings, jeans, and sneakers. You can even layer a classic tank under a trendy stringer tank!

Now of course we want to know: What style of tank top are you? Which tank top do you think best represents the summer? We look forward to your comments.

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