What’s on Your Bag? Print Personalized Bags with Spreadshirt

What’s on Your Bag? Print Personalized Bags with Spreadshirt
Statement bags stand out. Statement bags tell the world what’s on your mind before you even open your mouth. Statement bags carry all your stuff around and leave your hands free for important things like texting your BFF about plans for the weekend or carrying your half double-decaf latte. They’re not just a fashion statement; they’re a literal statement statement.

Personalized Bags with Spreadshirt

If you head on over to Spreadshirt’s bag printing landing page, you will find a vast array of bags and designs just begging to help you express yourself. Check out a few fine examples below and get find some inspiration to print your own statement bag! Tell us in the comments what kind of statement you’d make on your own bag and you could win a $25 voucher towards making it a reality!


This eco-friendly cotton tote is ideal for the gym. Not only does it help you lug around your yoga mat, water bottle, sneakers, protein bar and towel, it doubles as a constant motivator, reminding you that staying in shape is a “no whining, no quitting, no excuses” deal you make with yourself.


Spreadshirt’s duffel bag is the ultimate home for all of your sporting goods. Load it with shin guards, athletic tape, stinky socks, eye-black, cleats, batting gloves… whatever you need to add a little game to your name, our duffel bag can carry it. Slap a statement design on that bad boy and you’re good to go!


Spreadshirt’s backpack is essential gear for students of all ages. With ample room for not only books, but lunch, pencils, pens, etc; it is a necessary item for your school day. Toss your iPod in there and push your ear buds up through the integrated headphone access port. Add a little personality with a statement design and you’ll sure to move to the head of the class.


The brief case messenger bag is for those of you out there with big kid jobs (or if you just own a laptop I guess, too). Light but durable, the messenger bag stores laptops up to 15” and makes transporting your work goodies a breeze. Add a nice little statement design to the side (Office Goddess, perhaps) and everyone at the office will know whose bag NOT to mess with.


Looking for the ideal bag for the beach? Then look no further. Our tote bag can be stuffed to the gills with suntan lotion and towels, flip flops and sandwiches, your music and a koozie. Pack this earth-friendly tote with anything you need for a little fun in the sun and easily cart it around with long canvas handles.

What kind of statement would you make and on which bag do you think it would work best? Between July 20th and July 24th, let us know in the comments what your ideal statement bag would look like and you could win a $25 voucher towards making it a reality!

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  1. Once I get brainstorming, it’s hard to stop…

    “I’m gonna need a bigger bag”

    “my bag runneth over”

    “if shopping is wrong, I don’t want to be right”

    “to boldly shop where no person has shopped before”

    For knitter:
    “have yarn. will travel.”

    For the tabletop gamers:
    “Have rulebooks. Will DM.”

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