Trending Colors – The Best-Selling Tones

The fashion industry is constantly changing. Things that went out of fashion thirty years ago may once find prominence on the runways of Milan. Colors and patterns long retired to the curtains and couch fabrics of our grandparents may soon become the next trend. Reason enough to look into the colors that have sold best at Spreadshirt in the past 12 months.

To get a relevant picture, we looked at the sales numbers of two classic summer and winter products for men, women and kids. The question we were seeking an answer to was “what were the best-selling colors for tees and tanks (summer) as well as hoodies and jackets (winter) in the past 12 months?” Let’s just state the most important observation straight away: whenever products are available in black, white and heather grey, they were doing exceptionally well regardless of gender and age group. For you this means that you should definitely offer these colors in your Shop, but also the following ones:

Men’s colors

Trending Colors

Men like classic colors, no matter whether it’s summer or winter. The top sales for men’s t-shirts and tank tops outside of the staple classics were colors like red, navy, burgundy and royal blue. For the heavier layers of the fall and winter, in items like longsleeves and hoodies, navy, charcoal, burgundy and graphite rounded out the group.

Women’s colors

Trending Colors

More distinguished color trends can be observed with what the ladies wear in season. Summery t-shirts and tank tops were mostly ordered in red, navy, purple and turquoise. And outside of the classic colors, warmer gear was also very popular in red, navy, purple and heather gray.

Kid’s colors

Trending Colors

Kids’ gear is and has always been full of color! T-shirts and tank tops for the little ones in red, navy, heather gray and purple are always sought after. The same is true for long-sleeve products: navy, red, royal blue and heather gray rounding out the four most popular.

Always bet on red

Products for women, men and kids all do very well when offered in one of the red tones on offer for the individual product. And this is true for any season. Marsala, brash red, dark pink or berry tones – all the red colors are very popular with our customers.

The next trending color?

Now, what’s the next big color, you may ask? In order to see what kind of colors are in season, you can always get inspired by what’s trending on Pinterest. And then there are the color experts from Pantone, an astute crew of fashion gurus who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of fashion trends. Every year in February, they announce the color of the season. So, keep your eyes peeled and show some color!

Which product colors have been doing well in your Shop in the past year or so? And are there any colors you would like to see us add? We look forward to your comments below!


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  2. Great Article. I really like how you explained popular colors for Men, Women and Kids. I was unaware that Red was so popular. I’ll have to add more Red items to my store.

    I normally “bet” on Black shirts when I design for my shop. It seems everyone loves Black t-shirts. My second choice across the board is Royal Blue. I’ve read several other articles about T-shirt color choices and this blog confirms them.

    Thanks for the insight.


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