Feral Fun with the Spreadshirt Dogs

Hard working poochies at Spreadshirt make sure it’s all but a dog’s life in the office. Our staff’s best friends have become an integral part of the company culture, and they make rolling around the shop floor even more fun in the breaks. Bow and wow for the three most loved dogs at Spreadshirt.

Robert, System Administrator, and his Beagle lady Wilma (20 months old)

Office Dogs

What does Wilma do for a better day at work?

She’s the one who’s “Oh, so cute, can I pet her?” That’s how she wins over lots of hearts and contributes to instant stress relief for anyone who meets with her.

What’s her favorite office spot?

I always bring a blanket she can lie on in the office, but it needs to be said that she finds it ever so much more exciting to scour the whole office for new friends who feel like devoting some of their time to play with her. She also likes lying right in front of the Yink office door to always be able to see who’s coming and going. My colleagues like entertaining her and I can devote some precious time to do actual work.

What’s Wilma’s favorite past time?

That depends on the time of day. In the morning, she roams the office, and in the afternoon she chews on the stuff that I put on her blanket, and she takes a few naps.

And what’s on the schedule for the after-work hours?

A bit of peace and quiet. Going through 8 hours at work is just as exhausting for Wilma as it is for me. We go for walks and look forward to getting some rest at home.

Petra, Product Owner of the Partner Team and Labrador-Rottweiler mix Leika (almost 15)

Office Dogs

What does Leika add to the Spreadshirt workplace?

Leika is the good soul of the team. She likes all of us humans, and she’s a happy soul with a very high acceptance threshold. Except for when Wilma, the beagle girl from next door walks past our office door. Then her look and posture say “Careful now, this is my hood!” Apart from that, Leika is a creature very much in need of harmony. Sometimes people become emotional in meetings, and then she puts a consoling paw on the person’s lap. And when everyone gets immersed in heated discussions, she just rolls on her back and starts grunting like a pig.

What’s her favorite snack to get her through a day at work?

Chew bone with cinnamon and mint. It keeps her breath nice and fresh as well.

What do you look forward to after work?

Our evening walk through the forest or park. And another new day that we’re able to spend together.

Interaction Designer Justin from TeamShirts and Labrador Raider (3)

Office Dogs

What does Raider bring in at Spreadshirt?

He’s like a breath of fresh air in the office, because he’s very cuddly and has a very peaceful air about him.

How do you accommodate things like office work, walks, playing and dog naps?

Raider is a very relaxed character who can just lie down and spend most of the day dozing. It’s enough to take him for a walk a couple of times to keep both of us happy.

Does he really sleep all the time whilst you’re doing your thing?

The amazing thing is: yes, he really does! People who don’t know Raider could be compelled to think that he’s in total disregard of his name. But of course that’s not true at all. Throw him a stick after work and he’s a completely different dog.

So what’s he like after work?

Well, it usually starts with a pretty chilled-out walk. And whenever Raider makes the acquaintance of a female specimen, he turns into what his moniker suggests he is: a raider of hearts.

We always enjoy the presence of our doggy coworkers. It’s a great benefit here at Spreadshirt that we are allowed to bring our dogs into work. They really do help make the day go by a little faster and always help relieve some of the stress that can come with the daily grind.

Are you allowed to bring your dog into work? What’s your funniest dog at work story? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Spreadshirt sounds like a great place to work. I’ve never heard of a work environment that allowed dogs (or pets) to be brought to work. Sounds like a Win Win situation for everyone. Kudos Spreadshirt!

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