The Future of Fashion in 2045

Dream on. You’re in Doc Brown’s DeLorean with the pedal to the metal. A flash of lightning is about to strike and send 1.21 gigawatts of raw, unfiltered power coursing down the tubes of the flux capacitor. Next stop: 2045. And all you want is to see what people wear…

No Hoverboards


The Future of FashionHoverboards are so yesteryear in 2045. People have shoes to make leaps so big that simply describing the 2045 walk as hovering just wouldn’t cut it. Spreadshirt’s scientists have long defied gravity and have developed of footwear to tread the air lightly. As any fine line of footwear should, they range from dressy to sporty, and the best thing is: they glow in the dark!

Networked and Wired from Head to Toe

The Future of Fashion

Surprise but no surprise: the end gadget is not a smartphone. It’s all in the gear you wear. You use your right sleeve to make calls, a display is part of your left trouser leg and everything can be customized at will. No need to worry about dead batteries either as daylight proves sufficient solar power to recharge your body gear on the go.

The Moving Tee

The Future of Fashion

A classic that’s never old, also in 2045: the almighty T-shirt. People wear animated GIFs on their tees, and Spreadshirt has just introduced the brand new Mood Shirt. Its color changes depending on how people feel who wear this textile chameleon. A limited Dating T-Shirt edition is about to be released to help folks find their perfect match. If two Mood Shirts looking for a partner meet, both tees turn into a super saturated red to demonstrate that love is in the air.

Retro Vintage

The Future of Fashion

The return of a pea coat-like wool outer layer is the star of the winter season. Classic hand-knit woolen sweaters have come to stun and wow the world of fashion. Rough fabrics that stem from animals leave everyone flabbergasted, and you can see rebellious kids wearing them in defiance of their parents and communications technology. What’s more, teenagers in malls use vintage Galaxy 6s phones to communicate with their peers, much to the dismay of their parents and elderly ladies shaking their heads.

The High-Flying Tote

The Future of Fashion

THE totally hip accessory trend: tote bags to travel like Sinbad the Sailor. The latter of course used a flying carpet, whereas everybody traversing the air in 2045 just puts a 21st-century-style tote bag on the floor and switches on its flight function by squatting on it cross-legged in the old tailor fashion. It’s both convenient and environmental friendly, and if you need some extra skimmed soy milk before the shops are closed, it can be easily stashed away as well.

Of course we could only take a small glimpse at what’s happening in 2045 today. What do you predict and what do you wish for? Please leave a comment below!


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  1. What’s Happening ik ben nieuw op deze, stuitte ik op deze ik heb gevonden Het positief nuttig en het heeft geholpen geholpen me uit belastingen. Ik hoop een bijdrage te leveren & help andere gebruikers zoals zijn hielp mij. Goed job.

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