The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Christmas giving is a moral dilemma.  What should I get?  Will they like it?  How much should I spend?  Are they going to spend that much on me?  The questions and mind games are enough to drive you nutty!  Have no fear, elves and elvettes, we’ve complied a snowball-proof gifting guide to help guide your sled down the gift giving hill. 

The Importance of Gifting

Oftentimes you can just write on people’s Facebook wall to wish them a happy birthday, congrats on the new job, happy anniversary, etc. and BOOM– job done! Christmas poses a much bigger challenge, though, and every year you’re faced with the same old question: what can I possibly get this time around? Do not despair; it ain’t that difficult!

Research has shown that gifting releases dopamine and endorphins, the hormones responsible for reducing stress and keeping us fit and healthy. So it basically boils down to the simple formula “give a gift today and keep the stress at bay”. In other words, presenting people with presents makes not only them, but you too, happy, calm and content. And we could all do with more of these happy folks around.

This is How You Find the Perfect Gift

It’s nice to know how the power of gifting spreads happiness, but how do you find the most suitable gift for everyone on your list to spread that happiness? We’ve put together a few pieces of valuable advice for you:

  1. Listen to what people say! As soon as you hear your partner, friend, colleague or your mother mention something they like (product, color, theme etc.), take note of it. Your smartphone offers the best way to assist your memory here. You should keep a file on what people want so as to be ready for the next birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Even if that’s still a long way down the road, it is bound to come in handy at some point for you.
  1. Use Social Media! You know who you want to bestow a token of your consideration upon, but how can you possibly know what stuff they like? Easy. Browse their Facebook profile, and check out the pages he or she checked in their “likes” section. You often get clues in the status updates, as well. Maybe they have uploaded images showing fun designs that would go nicely on a T-shirt, tote bag or mug? This information could be vital for you to find the perfect gift.Other than Facebook, the person’s Instagram page offers lots of visual clues. Check out the accounts they follow and the posts they like – all of this can be traced in their activity feed. You will get a lot of information on what products and images could be right up their alley.
  1. Find clues in their behavior – do they like drinking coffee, do they wear hoodies with zippers and do they take an interest in politics, entertainment or friendly banter? Any clue helps, and you’ll be on for a winner when designing your gift.
  1. Combine! Now that you’re a big step closer to figuring out the gift to the person’s liking, find a product to combine their favorite color with a design reflecting an interest or hobby. You’ll be sure to create their new favorite product.

Boom. Gifting has never been that easy!

What did you come up with, and how was it received? We look forward to hearing about your experience. And of course you can share this post on Facebook if you like.  

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