Gamers Unite! The #spreadgaming Design Contest is Here!

Gamers Unite! The #spreadgaming Design Contest is Here!


Whether you’re crushing candy, whipping the newest sports car down the highway, ridding the world of aliens or testing your vocabulary against your friend’s, you can’t deny that there’s a little bit of gamer in all of us. Isn’t it time you cashed in on all of your gaming expertise?

Spreadshirt’s first design contest of 2016 is here! #spreadgaming with your most creative and inspiring game designs and you could win a $150 voucher to Steam, the Playstation Store, Nintendo eShop or Xbox Live towards some new games, gaming accessories or even a new platform!

Upload your gaming design products to our Marketplace between February 25th and March 17th with the tag #spreadgaming, and you’ll automatically be entered to win. The six best designs (as chosen by our design experts) will be voted upon through our Facebook page between March 23rd and March 27th, and the winner will be announced on March 31st by email, newsletter and on Facebook.

As always, design submissions are subject to copyright and trademark laws. Use this link to visit the US Patent and Trademark site and search their trademark database for terms and trademarks you may be unsure of.   Also, be sure to check Spreadshirt’s design submission regulations by clicking here. Make sure you read through the guidelines before you step to the drawing board!

Here’s to all the gamers out there! This is your chance to shine on the Spreadshirt stage and claim your crown as king or queen of the gamers! Good luck!

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  1. Hello Bonemancharles,

    our design experts have chosen the best 6 designs for the official voting based on the following criteria:
    – (A) 30% relevance to the contest theme
    – (B) 30% creativity
    – (C) 40% originality

    Maybe your design will be one of it in the next contest! Fingers crossed ;).


  2. aww, how come my designs didnt make it? I thought I was a shoe in to the top 6.
    I would love to know what you guys look for when deciding for the top 6 designs for the next contest you guy’s host 😀

  3. Hello all,

    yes we are looking for completely new designs on our marketplace that are uploaded within the design contest run time and tagged with #spreadgaming.

    Good luck and have fun!
    Leila from Spreadshirt

  4. This is perfect for me, because my spreadshirt store is all about gaming. But I do have a question: Do the designs have to be brand new uploads? Or can I just add the tag to one of my designs I already have uploaded?

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