Spring Trends 2016

Spring Trends 2016

Looking for some fashion and design inspirations, we had some of our interns poke around Vogue Magazine’s site and were pleasantly surprised (and sometimes baffled) at what the world of high fashion has on tap for the spring season. We took some liberties with what the world of haute couture has coming down the runway and put it in Spreadshirt context so that you, as Partners, could stand on the cutting edge as the warmer weather approaches and profit from staying in the know.

First instinct will tell you that the world of high fashion and Spreadshirt are very far apart, but logic will tell you that staying on-trend in your Shops is a great way to capitalize on customers seeking new and trendy styles. Have a look below and see how and where you can adapt these upcoming spring trends into your Shop.

The Bling is Back and Badder than Ever


Heavy on the rise in the world of fashion is the glitz and glam of the sparkle. Sparkly everything! Sparkly shoes, sparkly socks, sparkly pants, skirts and dresses, but especially sparkly tops! Spreadshirt’s specialty flex “glitz” prints are just for you if the bling is your thing. Available in gold, silver, pink, red and black, you can create all sorts of shiny, shimmery looks for the glam girl (or boy) shopper. Have a look at this blog post for tips and tricks on designing blinged-out apparel.

That 70’s Style


In a harkening back to the days of bell bottoms, platform shoes and the foundations of rock and roll, many of the spring 2016 trends have their roots firmly planted in the 1970’s. Colors and patterns that once may have been considered gaudy and obnoxious now stand at the forefront of spring fashion. When designing for the spring, keep in mind the outlandish stripes, lines, patterns and paisleys of the 70’s and you’ll have the good kind of fashion flashback they’ll be looking for.

Show Them Shoulders


Off-the-shoulder looks are HUGE this spring. Adding designs to tanks, cropped boxy shirts and wideneck sweatshirts and getting them into your Shops this spring will not only have your sales off the shoulder – it’ll have them off the hook!

Keepin’ It Casual


Hoodies of all types are making a big time comeback this spring. Although the hoodie is a constant in the fashion world, this spring, the more casual, laidback styles are taking center stage. Sun washed, sand washed, vintage and destroyed hoodies and hooded jackets will be everywhere this spring. Add some tri-blend hoodies, unisex fleece zips, speckled, vintage and colorblock hoodies to your Shop, and keep your customers looking good in a hood.

Can’t Deny the Denim


Although we don’t offer any denim products on the Spreadshirt platform, it’s important to note that anything denim is going to explode this spring. Where you come in, is in knowing which of the articles you design will go best with this once-again up-and-coming trend. T-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves and hats are natural companions to jeans, denim skirt, jean jacket and the like, so get some in your shops before the demand for denim takes hold. Being ready for trends of the cusp of popularity is the name of the game.

Don’t Forget Pantone!

Every year, the color experts at Pantone provide us with the Pantone Color(s) of the Year. If you haven’t read it already, have a gander at our article detailing why pink rose and serenity blue will be the ‘it’ colors for 2016’s warmer months.

What fashion trends are most intriguing for you when deciding how to tailor your shops this spring? Have you seen anything on the rise that you think is going to really make the scene this spring and summer? Share your knowledge with us in the comments!

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