Facebook Ads – Tips for Shop Partners

Facebook Ads – Tips for Shop Partners


Many successful Spreadshirt Shop Partners are heavily engaged in social networking and use a large range of portals to interact with their target audiences. Some of our Partners also promote their designs and products with Facebook Ads – oftentimes with great success. Incorporating Facebook Ads into your marketing mix is a great way to not only gain exposure, but to also lead people to your Shop.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

What are Facebook Ads?

With Facebook Ads, you can make your products and designs known to a wide audience within Facebook’s social network. As with any ad campaign, you can stretch your budget by targeting specific audiences relative to your fan base.  This is the perfect tool for you to find your marketing sweet spot.

Placements and Formats

Facebook Ads can be displayed in two specific locations: either the right column (available via desktop only) or within the newsfeed. The news feed is the more popular area—particularly on mobile devices—as more and more Facebook users are browsing Facebook on their phones and tablets.

Other options for social media advertising of your products and designs come in the form of the ever-popular Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network, through which advertising of your products in other apps is possible. The only real disadvantage of the Audience Network that we have experienced is the lack of possibility for complete control over your ads—where they appear, accidental clicks, etc. can really have a negative effect on conversion rate. Unless you have expendable cash to throw around in placing advertisements for your Shop, we’d suggest steering clear of the Audience Network. We recommend instead that you stick to newsfeed ads, whether mobile or desktop, as you are more likely to garner traffic relevant to your themes. We also suggest using Facebook carousel ads in order to show multiple designs across multiple products.


Your Designs – Your Audience

The bread and butter of a successful Facebook campaign is choosing the right target audience. It is absolutely essential to select designs that have a thematic connection to your target. The more specifically targeted your designs to the interests of users, the better the result. But you have to know your target audience!

About Audience Insights

With Facebook Audience Insights, you get invaluable insight into the composition of the various groups.  These specifics are broken down into such segments as geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more. We recommend that you place ads for specific designs. This means: Linking the ad directly to one of your motifs and not to an entire list page within your shop. This way, you can better restrict the target group of the respective designs.

Less is more! The more targeted the market for your ads, the lower the ad budget waste. Customize your ad targeting as specifically as possible to gender, location, source and particular interests.


Use the full width of the target group segmentation. We also recommend that you manually control the bids based on clicks (CPC). Thus, you have the most control over your spending.

Are these tips helpful to you? Do you have experiences with Facebook Ads? We look forward to your comments, tips, tricks and advice in the comments.

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  1. My advice to anyone using facebook ads is to always advertise one specific product per ad instead of your entire shop. Make sure that you tailor your target audience specifically to that product. Set your ad to maximize post engagement instead of getting the most views. Use desktop news feed and mobile news feed only; the ads displayed on the side do not get noticed much. After you’ve run your ad and gotten people to like their post, click on the text under the ad (john doe and 100 other people liked this) to individually invite each person who liked your ad to like your page so that you can build up an audience.

  2. Hey Jay,

    Thanks for your feedback – this might be interesting to other fellow partners as well 🙂

    Lena from Spreadshirt

  3. *I took time to learn about FB Ads before I posted my first ad.

    I’ve tested FB ads a few times. FB doesn’t deliver what is promised during Ad creation. My ad image met FB specs and was approved. My audience was very narrow. They promised approx 8000 impressions, yet I only rec’d less than 3000. Not a good return on my investment. No added sales on my products, no click through. FB wants you to spend your hard earned money “learning” how to use their Ads, rather than giving you SPECIFIC info that will make you Successful from the start. I don’t care about Page Likes, I care about Sales.

    I’ve been using Fiverr for traffic. Cheaper, More efficient, Better Conversion rates and Delivers as promised every time.

    When FB decides to offer real value for my $$, delivers as promised and a return on my investment, maybe I will try them again. Until then, FB gets a THUMBS DOWN!

    Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware

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