Summer Trends 2016

Summer Trends 2016


Does it get any better? Long summer nights, a gentle breeze and some light gear to lift your mood. For a few weeks a year, life is all sand and sunsets. Spread the enthusiasm for the best time of the year, and add a light touch to your Shop with easy-going gear and fresh designs.

5 Top Summer Tips

1. This summer is about making bold statements. Cool typography slogans and fruit designs are top banana this year, particularly when they cover most of the top’s front. Add a few loud colors to the mix, and lend your average drab couch potato a hand with turning into a peachy convert. This German vendor has captured the trend perfectly.


2. Geometric patterns currently set the tone on the catwalks. Diamond patterns, circles, triangles and the pixelated look are pretty straightforward designs with mirrored and multiplied shapes. They are easy to create and look impressive. Summon up some inspiration from the sixties and seventies and spice up your patterns with this year’s trendy colors.


3. Pantone’s Color Trends 2016 point the way for product colors this summer. The pastel, light blue tone of Serenity and the delicate pink of Rose Quartz have set out to tug at the purse strings of fashion-minded summer shoppers. You can also offer some more vibrant shades of these colors like a brilliant royal blue and stronger coral and peach tones.


4. For men, 2016 is also a year that sees a revival of shirts sporting tropical Hawaiian-style patterns and the retro beach-boy style. Capture the summer spirit, all spruced up with surfers, crashing Big Surf waves and the surging sound of the sea the before your customers head to the beach.


5. Baggy gear is on the loose this summer. Slim-fit tees are on the way out, while straight and more semi-fitted tops are exactly what folks are looking for, particularly with round necklines. Perfect times for T-shirt sellers! Tip: Add some boyfriend-style tees for girls and classic tees for men like this Unisex Tri-Blend T-shirt, and tell your peers to go for a size bigger to embrace this year’s look in style.


Did you spot a new trend on the street you feel like sharing? And what products and designs are you banking on this year? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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